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Progress, Decline, and Hope

An award-winning collaborative timeline started by Aero in January 2011 and ending in March 2013. The timeline was declared finished and thereafter closed in March 2013, bringing an end to the largest collaborative timeline in board history and the largest organized Future History timeline. You can find the timeline here.

Major contributors included (in order of number of posts): Ganesha, Aero, Koenig Von Poposia, jerseyrules, o.a.musimon, Arkhangelsk, Odysseus, Broader Liberty, theReturner, AYoungContrarian, Tony, d32123, President_Gore, undeadpixel, and Nanwe. A total of 24 different posters posted more than 10 times, while 83 different members posted at least once.

The timeline is composed of thousands of dates from 2011 onwards, formatted as both individual contributions and as ongoing series by members. While a good deal of the content is centered on events from an American point-of-view, collaborators have undertaken substantial efforts to include the perspectives of various other countries, most notably Britain, China, Europe, India and Mexico. Besides geopolitical and domestic political issues, several members have dedicated considerable amounts of time to filling in the blanks on areas such as culture, technology and space exploration.

Notable features include: a major realignment of the American political system in the late 2010s and 2020s; Mexico cementing its status as a first world country; China's messy transition to democracy; a brutal and genocidal civil war in the DRC, which features massive foreign intervention; the rise of the African “Alliance for Democracy”, promoting the economic and social advancement of Africa; increasing integration of the European continent with the emergence of the European Federation, and reformation of the European Union to include Turkey and North African states; a resurgence in constitutional neo-monarchism in several countries worldwide; a major political realignment and later reformation in India; limited human exploration of Mars and Venus; the discovery of complex but unintelligent extraterrestrial life on the planet Venus and the Jovian moon Europa; and finally, the development of viable fusion power.


Progress, Decline, and Hope won the 2012 Turtledove Awards for “Best New Collaborative Timeline” and finished a close second in polling for “Best Shared Worlds”. In 2013, the timeline was nominated for “Best Continuing Future Timeline” and finished second in polling to the deserved winner, Pkmatrix's A Revised History of the Future.

Timeline of events and developments

Events and developments by region

Politics and culture

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