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American board member, formerly known as SVeach94 (until February 2012), then as AYoungContrarian (until summer 2013) and as Sentinel III (until late 2013), before changing his name to AYC.

Currently attending college at UC Davis, he arrived on after much lurking in December 2010. He took a keen interest in the Arab Spring and was active on the Libyan Civil War thread. Early on, went on bizarre tangents on copyright, religion, and politics. Was extremely jaded and cynical. Hates cars and driving in general; loves public transit and wants to live in a big city

An outspoken advocate of piracy and reform of copyright law, he has often come to blows with other members over this issue. He is also an atheist, but has not been smug/stuck up about it for a while.

In April 2013, he changed his personality, becoming nicer. In May of that same year, he began posting in green, much to many users' dismay. Thus far, he has refused to stop, citing that it is not a violation of board rules. He subsequently went on an indefinite, possibly permanent, but voluntary leave of absence from the forum. He returned under the new name of Sentinel III. Much to everyone's relief, he also stopped posting in green.

Had recently become a big anime fan; his favorite anime is Planetes, with Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, and Paranoia Agent as runners up.

He chose to voluntarily exile himself again on the 25th of June, Anno Domini 2014. As of the 26th of June, 2014, he had been banned (for real) for using a sockpuppet account to attempt to circumnavigate a kick.

As of November 2014, AYC has been unbanned after appealing to Ian, and has joined the Roster of the Repentant.

Claims to Fame

Notable threads created by him include Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes and The Random YouTube Videos Thread.


He is known for his absurd timeline "WWIII And The Second Cold War" Also contributed a considerable amount to the FH collaborative timeline Progress, Decline, and Hope.

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