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2060 Onwards (Progress, Decline and Hope)

January 1, 2061: Despite opposition from nationalists, Poland formally adopts the Euro, in anticipation of its likely accession to the European Federation. One of the most conservative and fiercely independent countries in Europe, Poland had been reluctant to adopt the Euro due to traditional attachment to their own currency and reluctance to give up power to Brussels. Ultimately, however, it became economically impractical to compete with the European Federation, and there was enough political will to give up the currency.

February 20th, 2061: American forces begin withdrawal from the Federated State of the Congo. Of the 105,000 American troops, 20,000 depart in March, with the intention of having all American troops leave by the end of 2061. Meanwhile, President Obama of the United States calls a special PEACECOM head of government convention to discuss the plausibility of evacuating the Congo's 10 million Muslims.

February 23, 2061: The European Parliament ends the “Scion Crisis” (which had led to significant schisms in several branches, especially sports) once and for all with adding to the constitutional Article 3 the words “Discrimination is forbidden on the base of race, religion,… or genetic makeup”.

March 5th, 2061: PEACECOM leaders agree to a plan, with the consent of the Congolese government, to dissolve the Federated State of the Congo. In the west, and along the coast, a mostly-Muslim country will exist, beginning on July 1st. On the same date, much of the west of the country will be absorbed into the Republic of the Congo and Angola. Meanwhile, the east will be left as a remnant, occupied by African and Indian troops until 2065.

March 22nd, 2061: Israeli archaeologists release the complete report on the Hebron Ayesha cavern discovery to the public. The cavern, whose entrance collapsed circa 1500 BC contains the skeletons of six closely related men and women, all of whom died in advanced old age. DNA testing reveals the three male skeletons to carry the common Middle Eastern Y-DNA haplogroup J2 and are those of a father, a son and a grandson. The oldest female skeleton is the mother of the son but appears to be also a half sister to the father. Autosomal DNA testing confirms that all three women share extensive chromosomal similarities indicating a close relationship. The remains of the grandson appear to have been mummified using pre-18th dynasty Egyptian mummification methods. No identifying artifacts are found in the cave but immediately the skeletons are identified in the press as those of Biblical patriarchs Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their wives Sarah, Rebekah, and Leah. The cave becomes known as the “true Machpelah.” The world is stunned by the discovery.

March 27th, 2061: The monthlong 2061 World Baseball Classic closes in Atlanta, Georgia. China emerge as the champions for the first time, beating out the Dominican Republic for the title. In third place are America, and rounding out the heap in fourth place are Cuba.

April 18th, 2061: Col. Norse Cavalier is severely injured, losing his right arm, while defending a military outpost in the Congo. He saves the lives of everyone inside by attempting to disarm a bomb, and creating a diversion allowing civilians and military personnel to escape. After a cybernetic replacement and a blood transfusion, President Obama gives him a Silver Star for his bravery, and praises his courageous defense of America in the line of duty. He declines an appointment to Department of Defense, and asks her for a speedier withdrawal. Although they are friendly, both know he will be a serious contender for President in the future, should he decide to run.

April 24th, 2061: San Salvador Declaration of Free Association: At a summit between Edgardo Laparra and Salvadorian “acting President” General Ramiro Galdamez, both leaders sign the Declaration of Free Association between the Republic of El Salvador and the Republic of Nicaragua. The declaration, which will take effect on Janurary 1st of the following year, stipulates a political union between the two nations, with the dismantling of trade and travel restriction between both countries.

May 2nd, 2061: A raid by Indian and Nigerian occupation forces in the Congolese village of Mabwe on the shores of Lake Upemba kills André Lubaya, leader of the Soldiers of Christian Zaire. Lubaya and the SCZ are responsible for the genocide of nearly 10 million Muslims and countless more deaths in the Third Congolese Civil War. Along with Lubaya, his two sons and three top aides are killed. His right-hand man, Jesus Mapkoka, is captured.

May 10th, 2061: An anti-Africanist political group, the Free People of South Sudan (FPSS), announce their presence by seeking to contest the upcoming 2062 parliamentary elections. President Lubong, an Africanist, warns that actions “contrary to the enliftment of the African race” and “condoning of imperialism” will not be tolerated.

May 20th, 2061: The war-crimes trial of Jesus Mapkoka, military chief of the Soliders of Christian Zaire, begins before the International Criminal Court. He is accused of genocide and crimes against humanity.

May 24th, 2061: Jesus Mapkoka, the military chief of the SCZ, is sentenced to life imprisonment by the International Criminal Court. He begins his sentence at Nieuw Vosseveld prison in the Netherlands on June 1st, 2061.

April 2nd, 2061: The European Parliament votes 321-179 to withdraw all European forces from the Congo by the end of 2062, following the death of André Lubaya and his top aides. According to a PEACECOM report, violence has dropped sharply as the SCZ falls into chaos.

July 1st, 2061: The Republic of Kikongo, a Muslim-majority state, is created from the province of Bas-Congo and part of Badundu. Meanwhile, Kinshasa province, and parts of Badundu and Equateur proinces, are absorbed into the Republic of the Congo and Angola. The Congolese government remains sovereign over the remainder, renamed Federated Central Congo.

August 29th, 2061: Six coordinated car bombings in Ubangi-Shari kill over 500 people. The attacks, orchestrated by remnants of the Soldiers of Christian Zaire, strike in Bangui and Nola. In the aftermath, riots break out as Christians accuse the Muslim-headed government of not doing enough to protect them.

September 3rd-5th, 2061: A coup occurs in Ubangi-Shari, headed by General André Dackba. Dackba and his co-conspirators seize control throughout the country quickly, and announce their intentions on national television on September 5th. They plan to transform Ubangi into an Africanist nation with the support of the people, “so that our great resources can be used for us and not stolen by the imperialist racists of India, China, and the West!” It is suspected, but not proven, that Dackba has received support from Burkina Faso and other Africanist nations.

October 1st, 2061: Discovery of Element 142 takes place in China. Due to this being the first element discovered in China, and because two other countries had an element named after a politician, the team (on July 9, 2064 after approval of discovery), proposes Maozedongium (Mz) as name. This again causes international outrage, but IUPAC feels that they are not bound to political feuds and approves the name.

October 7th, 2061: After fifteen lonely years solely devoted to raising her son, Princess Philippa of Great Britain, Princess Royal and heiress presumptive to the British throne reluctantly agrees to share a meal of Chinese food with one of her father’s equerries, Walter Constantine John Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 12th Duke of Buccleuch and 14th Duke of Queensberry (b. 14 Janurary 2019). This inauspicious first date eventually develops into a deep and lasting friendship.

October 30th, 2061: In baseball, the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

December 8th, 2061: Liu Xilai, who ran for a term of his own, is reelected for UN general secretary.

December 20th, 2061: The last American occupation troops leave the Republic of Kikongo, in the Congo; the total number of PEACECOM troops has dropped to 156,000, from a peak of 384,000.

January 1st, 2062: Chad and Niger merge into the Greater Africanist Republic of Chad, popularly known as Chad, headed by former Nigerien leader Djibo Bakary. President Bakary says that he hopes that Ubangi and Burkina Faso will join the nation as soon as is feasible.

January 20th, 2062: Beginning of the Sudanese crisis: parliamentary elections are held in South Sudan. Widespread voter intimidation, blackballing, and fraud is reported by the Africanist government in order to prevent the anti-Africanist Free People of South Sudan (FPSS) from gaining any seats. Several activists are beaten and the deputy head of the FPSS is killed in a suspicious car accident.

February 3rd, 2062: Sudanese crisis: several guards and personell are killed in an attack on two government buildings in Juba, South Sudan, by unknown gunmen. Responsibility for the attacks is claimed by the new Free Soldiers of South Sudan (FSSS), a militant force drawn from the anti-Africanist political party Free People of South Sudan. Their leader, Joseph Puoch, says that as long as elections are not fair, they will resort to violence to achieve their aims.

February 10th, 2062: Sudanese crisis: in Juba, a bombing at the Presidential Palace kills the Vice-President, Louis Juuk. He was a close ally of Africanist President Kuol Lubong. Meanwhile, violent prosters affiliated with the Free Soldiers of South Sudan, an anti-Africanist rebel group, seize the city of Wau in the country's north.

February 11th, 2062: Sudanese crisis: President Kuol Lubong of South Sudan gives a major speech denouncing the rebellion against his rule, and promising to execute any “race traitors”, as he calls the Free Soldiers of South Sudan. He also accuses the East African Federation and Ethiopia of being behind the arrest, and orders the South Sudanese Army mobilized and to the border. Africanist leaders in Burkina Faso, Greater Chad, and Ubangi announce that they will support President Lubong in “whatever actions need to be taken.”

February 13-17th, 2062: Sudanese crisis: tensions remain very high throughout Africa as President Lubong of South Sudan accuses the EAF and Ethiopia of supporting a rebellion against his rule. A crisis meeting of the Alliance for Democracy is held in Cairo. While the African “Big Four” (Nigeria, South Africa, the EAF, and Ethiopia) agree that South Sudan cannot militarily defeat the EAF and Ethiopia, they are worried about possible terrorist retaliations if they intervene.

February 18th, 2062: Sudanese crisis: a border skirmish occurs between Ethiopian and South Sudanese troops, leaving 6 men dead. Meanwhile, South Sudanese Army units retake the two cities in the country that had fallen into the control of the rebel FSSS. Over 350 civilians die in the assaults, including the leader of the FSSS, Joseph Puoch.

February 19, 2062: Both Winston Lewis, Chief Justice of the New Zealand Supreme Court and his wife Atawhai, Queen of the Maori are knighted becoming Knight and Dame Grand Commanders of the Order of Merit of New Zealand.

February 20th, 2062: End of the Sudanese crisis: the African Alliance for Democracy is forced to accept the status quo as Africanist South Sudanese President Luol Kubong crushes the remainders of the revolt against his rule. An uneasy peace settles over the area as the Alliance for Democracy makes an informal pact not to accept any new militarily imposed Africanist governments.

March 31, 2062: Tahiti votes to adopt a local constitution within the framework of continued French rule. Among the controversial items in the new constitution is a restoration of the old Pōmare dynasty to a limited local monarchy on the Bavarian and Saxon models.

April 12th, 2062: Former Secretary-General of the UN and President of Mexico Minerva Hernández dies at the age of 92 at a hospital in Mexico City. President Sepúlveda orders 10 days of mourning, and her body to lie in state at the National Palace. At her funeral, which is attended by 21 heads of state from across the Americas and from other parts of the world, Sepúlveda eulogizes her as “the exemplary leader who brought Mexico from the brink and made it a greater place to live.” Indeed, in public opinion polls Hernández is seen as the greatest Mexican President of the 21st Century.

May 20th, 2062: Nigeria, South Africa, and the EAF, along with twenty-seven African allies, announce their withdrawal from the African Union. They accuse the AU of playing host to dictators and autocrats, and of discouraging true reform in Africa. The African Union was also unable to provide any meaningful action on the Congolese Civil War, and has been largely irrelevant for over 30 years. Over the next few years, states withdraw one by one from the AU, until the organization is officially disbanded in 2065. Multi-lateral African diplomacy now mainly occurs at the African meetings of the UN General Assembly, or in annual gatherings of African leaders hosted by the Joint Development and Free Trade Pact (the 'Alliance for Democracy')

June 4th, 2062: The British government take office. Days before Quartermain his wife Clarissa and five children Theo Jr, Arabella, Mariella, Vinnie and Henry pose for pictures outside No.10.

June 20th, 2062: Quartermain proposes a bill as expected to reestablish the Church of England. Llewellyn, Van Der Vencker and Lindisfarne all support the bill vigorously and most of the cabinet speak in support of it. Jayden Pairs decides against opposing the bill recognising the fact that the last government made an error. Most of his party follow suit with only Daltrey and a few hardcore back benchers opposing it.

July 8th, 2062: Prime Minster Rajesh of India sets forward a bold plan to reorganize India's constitution. He and his New Democratic Party argue that the current parliamentary system only exists as such in name, and that India would be best-served by switching to a semi-presidential model, such as existed in France before the establishment of the Federated European States. Additionally, the powers of the federal government to set education and health policy would be increased.

July 10th, 2062: In India, the Prakarita Priya Party, together with the Left Front, the Bharatiya Janata Party, and several state parties, announce their opposition to Prime Minister Rajesh's Government Reorganization Amendment of 2062. They argue strenuously that such a change would destroy both India's many cultures and the rights of the federal states, while increasing Rajesh's personal power. Rajesh has been Prime Minister since 2049, the longest-serving Prime Minister since Surjaa Chakravarty. The Left Front threatens to bolt from the government and force snap elections if Rajesh continues to press his plan.

In Britain, Quartermain Outlines his plan for a more decisive British contribution to the Congo conflict. Britain will withdraw troops from Kikongo and the Congo and Angola whilst increasing troop numbers in the FCC. This plan is criticised as being too late in the day and also as neo-imperialistic however news footage of Jenny Knoxton announcing the plan in parliament is warmly received by the British public who are pleased that Britain is finally taking a stance on the Congo Crises.

July 12th, 2062: In India, the Left Front departs Prime Minster Rajesh's governing coalition, forcing snap elections to be scheduled for September 12th-October 2nd, 2062. Prime Minister Rajesh's New Democratic Party had proposed the Government Reorganization Amendment of 2062, moving India to a semi-Presidential system, such as the prior arrangement in France.

July 19th, 2062: The thirty-second FIFA World Cup concludes in Mexico; the second time Mexico has hosted the match. Argentina wins the championship 1-0 over Brazil. An estimated 990 million people watch the final match worldwide.

August 2nd, 2062: Quartermain announces his plan for the NAP called “A Stronger Pact” and it is soon clear why Quartermain created a Minister for the Pact in his cabinet: he intends to turn the Pact into a viable geopolitical force.

August 3rd, 2062: Four months ahead of schedule, the last European troops leave the former Democratic Republic of the Congo, as violence has dropped to its lowest level ever.

August 11th, 2062: The East African Federation announces that it will be tagging its currency, the East African shilling, to the Indian Ocean rupee. Relations between India and the EAF have been close since the country's founding, but have grown increasingly more so especially during the Congo intervention, and international observers often label the EAF as India's most important African ally and a potential IOIC member.

August 31st, 2062: Quartermain, Knoxton, Wei and Akwimbe meet with other heads of government and ministers from the NAP member states and all the nations agree to work together more closely on defense and energy initiatives. Their is even talk of a unified currency and army and Newspapers in Norway, Denmark, Britain and Finland all seem to have sources in their respective governments telling them the pact will become tighter.

September-October 2062: Snap parliamentary elections are held in India. In July, Prime Minister Jairam Rajesh had proposed the Government Reorganization Amendment of 2062, which would move India towards a semi-presidential system, like that existing in the Union State, and formerly existing in France. India's other political parties had banded together against Rajesh's New Democratic Party, joined by many local, state, and small parties which would be squeezed out under the new system.

After the elections, seats in the Lok Sabha are as follows.

Prakarita Kriya Party (PKP): 265 seats New Democratic Party (NDP): 179 seats Left Front: 52 seats Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP): 43 seats Independents: 4 seats Anglo-Indian Representatives: 2 seats (Government in bold)

Janaki Amma, the Malayalam leader of the PKP, is inaugurated as Prime Minister on October 29th, 2062.

September 15th, 2062: The government announce a second longer Pact conference scheduled for February in Oslo. Speculation begins to mount.

September 18, 2062: On his 34th birthday, Prince Pierre Teriʻitariʻa Pōmare of Tahiti assumes the throne of his ancestors with the reignal name Pōmare VI.

September 28th, 2062: Quartermain and King William both visit Ireland. The visit is a success as the Irish people adore the Royals and Quartermain's witty banter goes down well in Dublin. Quartermain makes a speech criticising the economic recession Ireland finds itself in and seems to hint at a genuine belief that the FES is bad for Ireland. The Irish Taoiseach John Keville enjoys a mutually beneficial meeting with Quartermain and the Anglo-Irish minister for Trade Peter Donovon also undertakes productive negotiations with his Irish counterpart. Cultural and Trade links with Ireland are significantly strengthened.

October 29th, 2062: In baseball, the St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series.

November 23rd, 2062: The Dublin Agreement is formally enacted between Britain and the Republic of Ireland. The agreement is seen as Ireland beginning to move away from the FES and coming towards Britain. Bilateral trade between the countries is increased and the FES acts with indifference as its relationship with Ireland has often been tumultuous.

December 4, 2062: Death of King Whatumoana, Eighth Monarch of the Maori. He is succeeded by his daughter Atawhai Lewis, wife of the Chief Justice of the New Zealand Supreme Court Winston Lewis.

December 19th, 2062: A Christmas concert is held in London for returning troops from the Congo and is seen as hugely successful for the government. Public Morale heightens significantly.

Janurary 20th, 2063: Prime Minister Amma of India gives a speech on the floor of the Rajya Sabha, saying that reforms are necessary to India's government to extend more power to the people. Her largest proposed change would be to increase the number of members in the Lok and Rajya Sabha (the Lower and Upper Houses of Parliament). Currently, each of the 545 members of the Lok Sabha represents over two million of the 1.6 billion Indians. Prime Minister Amma suggests increasing the number of parliamentarians to 4,000 in the Lok Sabha. She also proposes reducing the number of members of the Rajya Sabha (the Upper House) to 200, and increasing the number of expert members appointed by the President to 60. The Rajya Sabha would be elected on a statewide level. Each state would receive four seats. The Lok Sabha would be allowed to approve the appointed members of the Rajya Sabha, but ex-Prime Ministers and Presidents would be included automatically, unless they refused the honor.

Janurary 20th, 2063: The British Government launches a new improved scheme for the National Trust that heightens Britain's commitment to Stewardship and environmental protection. Harvey Lonsdale, Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, receives universal support for the bill that includes provisions to reintroduce long extinct animals back to the British isles such as wolves, beavers and golden eagles.

Janurary 23rd, 2063: Former Indian PM Jairam Rajesh accuses the PKP and Prime Minister Amma of hypocrisy for proposing huge changes to India's government after defeating him on a platform of opposing government reform. Prime Minister Amma responds in a statement that “my government's reforms are aimed at increasing the people's power, unlike your reforms, which were intended only to buffer your own power.”

Janurary 30th, 2063: President Malia Obama announces her full support for Jamie Gray's Christian Progress movement at a ceremony on the White House Lawn.

February 12th, 2063: As the Green Paper for re-establishment is published amongst a busy legislative program for the government, a poll shows 50% in favour of “re-establishing the Church of England” and a slight plurality against re-establishment when the question is framed in terms of protecting of secularism in the UK. A significant portion of those polled, 30%, are unsure either way. The National Secular Society and other groups opposed to re-establishment begin to seize on this, while the government remains committed to the process.

March 8th, 2063: Parvati-V launches from the Guiana Space Centre, carrying nine astronauts. Three are from NASA, three are from the ESA, two are from the IRSO, and one is from the Islamic Space Front, which joined the project in 2060. Parvati-V is humanity's first manned mission to Venus, and is the first major joint project for many of the world's space agencies. Parvati-V will set up a floating base in Venus' atmosphere, survivable for up to two months (although the plan calls for the nine to stay for only a month), from which they will launch exploratory missions by balloon and floatplane. Their ship, Arrow of Eros, will arrive at Venus in early May.

March 21st, 2063: Two British troops accidentally die in the Congo. Pairs and Quartermain both come together to express their sympathy to the families.

March 28th, 2063: Lionel Akwimbe the Minister for the Pact announces a meeting of pact foreign ministers in London in two months time.

March 31st, 2063: In a rare joint session, India's parliament passes massive government reforms proposed by Prime Minister Amma several months earlier.

April 21st, 2063: In a televised debate on a current affairs/ethical issues program, the minister responsible for seeing the legislation through Parliament pulls what is accepted on all sides as a completely disastrous performance. Flustered, and quickly riled by his opponents, the minister completely fails to keep his arguments coherent. Instead, he resorts to making the case on the basis of cultural heritage and what is mocked as a hatred/dislike of non Christian religions. The Government communications machine is forced to support the minister in question at the risk of losing face spectacularly. This has the effect of forcing them into the corner of using the same arguments use by the Minister, limiting the case to arguments which are inherently weak. Opposition to the plans grow.

May 2063: No PEACECOM deaths are reported for the month of April in Federated Central Congo, a first for the six-year occupation. Currently, there are seven countries making up the occupying forces in Federated Central Congo.

India: 31,000 Nigeria: 29,000 East African Federation: 25,550 South Africa: 24,400 Ethiopia: 11,900 Turkey: 2,000 Ghana: 1,900

May 11th, 2063: For the first time, Dr. Trygve Magnusson of the Los Pinos Institute for Genetic Research successfully transplants a cloned pancreas into Woteenox Friday, a young American Indian athlete from Wyoming with severe diabetes. Within the year, successful transplants of cloned kidneys, livers, and lungs are also performed at Los Pinos.

May 15th, 2063: The Arrow of Eros arrives at Venus, carrying nine astronauts on the Parvati-V mission by NASA, the ESA, the IRSO, and the ISF. The ship goes into orbit around Venus at a radius of only 180 km, in order to facilitate descent and return. Slovenian Alojz Ipavec and American Mary Horvath will remain on Eros for the duration of the monthlong stay. From there, they will carry out robotic surveys of Venus' ozone layer, magnetic field, and the quasi-orbital asteroid 2002 VE68. The seven astronauts who will descend into the Venusian atmosphere and live there for a month on Base-1 are: Americans Jonathan Harting (team leader) and Susana Rivas; Europeans Jean Cruveilhier and Rasmus Bartholin; Indians Asima Chatterjee and Tej P. Singh; and Turk Neyzen Tevfik.

May 18th, 2063: In orbit around Venus, Base-1 detaches from the interplanetary ship Arrow of Eros and lowers itself into the Cytherean atmosphere. It settles safely at a height of 12,000 meters, floating in Venus' wind banks and stabilized by a number of propellors, jets, and fans. The base is powered by a small nuclear core designed to provide enough energy to allow the 7-person crew (two women and five men) to survive comfortably for a month.

May 19, 2063: Dr. Joaquim Mulémbwè of Mozambique, an associate of Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz of the Los Pinos Institute for Genetic Research sequences the complete genome of the 900,000 year old Homo Ergaster skeleton known as Kilimanjaro Man found in a cave in the East African Federation in 2040. This discovery shocked the scientific community because it proved that Homo Ergaster had survived in Africa far longer than had been previously thought.

May 22nd, 2063: On Venus, astronauts on Base-1 use several robotic samplers to obtain over two hundred pounds of soil samples from Venus, from several different locations. They will be returned to Earth for study and investigation.

May 28th, 2063: Indian astronaut Asima Chatterjee becomes the first person to land on Venus, as she descended from Base-1 at 12,000 meters over two hours in a protective suit weighing over three hundred pounds. She is quickly followed by American Susana Rivas. The pair stay on the surface for less than twenty minutes before being hoisted back into the atmosphere.

June 2nd, 2063: The Church Establishment Bill has become known as Quartermain's NHS reforms, after the fiasco surrounding the health care reforms pushed by the Coalition Government of David Cameron. By this point, a well organised campaign has kept pushing the public against the measures. Meanwhile, libertarian Tory backbenchers are wavering in their support on the issue, and the public begin questioning the priority that should be placed on re-establishment given intense debates going on about the Pact, healthcare, education, and the economy. Realising they're not making the case effectively, and with continuing heavy competition for Parliamentary time, the Government quietly postpones the planned introduction of the Bill for first reading. The Labour front bench is now considering coming out against the Bill in light of the lack of public support and spying an opposition to cause substantial embarrassment to the Government.

On Venus, a survey glider piloted by Turkish astronaut Neyzen Tevfik returns several samples of the Venusian atmosphere to return to Earth. Preliminary analysis of the samples by American team leader Joshua Harting finds that they contain simple quasi-bacterial life. It's based around a DNA equivalent that uses two different nucleobases in replacement of guanine and thymine. They report their findings back to Earth, where the news causes widespread celebration.

June 3rd-8th, 2063: A debate ensues on Earth about whether or not to return Venusian bacterial samples to earth. Two prominent scientists initially expressed concerns about possible contamination and epidemic, before withdrawing their concerns following widespread consternation and further information from Arrow of Eros and Base-1. Nevertheless, a significant popular faction quickly coalesces to oppose the return of Venusian life to Earth. After discussions, the leaders of the US, India, and Europe jointly decide to set up a specially funded laboratory to contain, secure, and study the samples which will return from Venus. Public opposition (at around 35% in polls) is thought to be a factor in Democratic congressional losses in the 2064 elections.

June 17th, 2063: In what is described as the death knell of the Bill, the head of the Independent Church formally comes out against re-establishment after much internal debate by church leadership and lay members. “In a multi-faith Britain, it would be wrong for the Church to seek to attain a legal position of supremacy over other faiths in our nation, whether formally or practically, or to seek to spread our sermon in any way other than through our own work in communities up and down the nation in the spirit of God and the Church. Our work, spiritual, ethical, mental, charitable, is done better when it is ours and ours alone, and is not seen to be in any way linked to the works of any Government of the day.”

The church leadership in general fears losing its ability to engage in policy debates if the formal link to the state is re-established, and that they're greatly expanded social work will be damaged as a result. They also don't want to risk coming out on the wrong side of public opinion at a time when they're numbers are already severely depleted and looks to be in a position to expand. Labour formally comes out against the Bill in response.

On Venus, Base-1 is abandoned by its seven crew members as they use a specially-designed one-way shuttle to return to their ship, Arrow of Eros, which has been manned for the past month by Slovenian Alojz Ipavec and American Mary Horvath.

June 19th, 2063: Norse Cavalier is awarded the Medal of Honor by President Obama. He receives it in a private ceremony with only the President, Vice President Clinton-Mezvinsky, and Cavalier's family in attendance (he is very uncomfortable about over-exposing his family to the press).

Arrow of Eros departs Venus for the return trip to Earth. It is scheduled to arrive in early August.

July 30th, 2063: The British Government lowers troop numbers in the Congo preparing for an eventual pull out in a years time. Quartermain and Donovan meet with officials form various charitable organisations and discuss the formation of several charitable projects to build schools and sanitation facilities in the Congo and Kikongo over the next decade, the idea being build lasting links with the new states particularly Kikongo what may well be left isolated after the war.

August 10th, 2063: Arrow of Eros arrives in Earth orbit after a six-month trip to Venus and back. The ship will remain in Earth orbit as a space station for the foreseeable future, as it contains facilities for docking smaller ships and could potentially be used again for future trips. The nine crew members return to earth aboard a small capsule, which splashes down in the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Maldives. Their scientific samples, including two hundred pounds of soil samples and examples of Cytherean life, arrive in a separate capsule in the North Atlantic, where they are transported to a laboratory specially built near Chicago, Illinois. Researchers are optimistic about the potential for life elsewhere in the Universe, as it seems to have developed independently three times in the Solar System alone. “It's almost guaranteed that ET is out there on one of the millions of extrasolar planets we've found,” says public intellectual Dala O'Hannigan.

August 13th, 2063: Base-1, the abandoned atmospheric platform on Venus, loses its nuclear power and crashes into the planet's surface. Although it was always planned for it to do so, scientists had been trying to keep it afloat as long as possible so that more radar studies could be carried out.

September 26th, 2063: Former governor and Congo veteran Norse Cavalier announces that he will run for the United States Senate in his home state of California. Many consider him to be the favorite for the seat, and the California GOP kingmakers will quickly clear the field for the popular war hero. He will not campaign for the nomination while serving active duty, however.

October 18th, 2063: In baseball, the San Diego Padres win the World Series.

November 4th, 2063: Quartermain, seeing the Establishment Bill as a matter of crucial personal importance, refuses to let the Bill die, and insists on continuing to push through. In a Second Reading debate that seems the Commons completely full and opponents, from all sides of the chamber, landing blows against the Government. A coalition of opposition parties, libertarian members of the Conservative Party and Christian MPs wishing to respect the Church's wishes defeat the bill in spite of a strong three line whip. The Government is humiliated, and though there won't be any serious long term repercussions, the incident and the mockery that comes with it sticks with the Prime Minister, and makes the Government wary of touching any religious issues for a long time to come.

January 1st, 2064: Ascension talks officially begin between the EAF and the Indian Ocean International Community in the city of Mombasa.

March 18th, 2064: Using methods developed at the Los Pinos Institute for Genetic Research, doctors at the Queen Elizabeth II hospital in Edinburgh perform surgery on 79-year-old Prince Andrea of Monaco (b. 8 June 1984). The lifetime smoker receives newly cloned lungs to replace his original emphysema and cancer-ridden originals. The surgery is a complete success. Prince Andrea finally quits smoking.

April 2-6th, 2064: Rioters in the northern Cameroonian town of Maroua burn down the local police station and a Chinese-owned power plant, killing over 82 people. The rioters, who are believed to be discontented Africanists, declare that they will join secede from Cameroon and join Greater Chad, an Africanist nation. Cameroonian President Sadou Eteki declares a state of emergency in the Extreme-Nord Region and sends the Army to restore order.

April 2, 2064: The Australian Parliament makes the office of President of the Republic directly elected by the voters.

April 12th, 2064: In Cameroon, Africanist rioters in the cities of Douala and Ngoundere seize control from poorly equipped police forces. Nigeria's Foreign Minister, meanwhile, says that his country has proof that the “rioters” are actually being led by well-trained Chadians and Burkinabés. He alleges that the riots are a transparent attempt to spread Africanism through violence, fear and intimidation.

April 15th, 2064: Cameroonian Army forces are ejected from the towns of Maroua and Garoua in northern Cameroon by Africanist rioters, who are well-equipped with Chinese-made weapons. US intelligence believes the assault weapons can be traced back to Burkina Faso, which began purchasing large numbers of them in 2059. Cameroon seems to have lost control over some of its territory.

April 20th, 2064: In a major strategic error, Africanists in Cameroon declare the formation of the Pan-African Africanist Party Cameroon (PATA-CA), which is “irrevocably determined to the overthrow of the oppressive government of Cameroon and its replacement with one which recognizes the inherent value of the African race and its superiority.” This announcement allows Nigeria to declare the party a terrorist group and clears the grounds for a possible intervention on the basis of international terrorism. Meanwhile, the Cameroonian Army retakes the major port city of Douala after two days of street fighting. This is the beginning of the Third Africanist War.

April 25th, 2064: Africanist forces under the banner of PATA-CA advance to within 50 miles of Yaounde, while also seizing the smaller towns of Baffoussam and Bertoua. The Cameroonian government controls most of the population of Cameroon (including the two largest cities, Douala and Yaounde), while the rebels control 7 of 10 regions.

May 1st-3rd, 2064: The Cameroonian Army fights off an Africanist assault on the capitol, Yaounde. They suffer over 30 fatalities, but capture 82 rebels, including 13 foreign fighters from Chad and Burkina Faso.

May 1st, 2064: In Federated Central Congo, the Pan-Africanist African Party - Congo (PATA-C) is formed. Following on the heels of Africanist parties in Burkina Faso, Greater Chad, and Ubangi-Shari, PATA-C is unusual in that it is headed by the sitting head of state of Burkina Faso, President Moussa Oedraogo. The party announces that it will contest the upcoming 2066 elections on a platform of Africanism and anti-occupation. There are still over 100,000 international troops in Federated Central Congo. Oedraogo explains that he is the party's leader to show the unity of all Africans against the “foreign invaders who are brutalizing the Congo.”

May 5th, 2064: A meeting of the African Alliance for Democracy in Lagos produces consensus on action. The members of the league will intervene militarily in Cameroon to prevent an Africanist takeover. Troops will mostly come from Nigeria (with additional contributions from Ghana and Benin), while other nations will provide monetary and materiel support. The Alliance for Democracy also issues a joint statement warning other nations (implicitly Burkina Faso and Chad) not to become involved.

May 6th, 2064: Drones from the Nigerian Air Force begin bombing Africanist positions, using local intelligence sources to try to avoid civilian casualties.

May 9th, 2064: The main Africanist army in Cameroon withdraws from around Yaounde, breaking the two-week siege of the city. Indian intelligence services warn Nigeria that they will attempt to withdraw to Chad, a safe haven.

May 13th, 2064: The Nigerian Army, accompanied by elements of the Ghanaian Army, launch a massive cross-border invasion of Cameroon with over 143,260 troops. They engage Africanist forces in the towns of Maroua, Bamenda, and Kumba and score key military victories.

May 20th, 2064: 3,000 Africanist rebels in Ngaundere, Cameroon surrender to the Nigerian Army, as their retreat to Ubangi was cut off by an air-dropped Nigerian division.

June 2nd, 2064: Norse Cavalier wins the jungle primary for the California Senate seat over his Democratic opponent, Los Angeles Mayor Diane Rockefeller, in a 2-1 landslide.

The Alliance for Democracy announces that Cameroon has been fully secured by their international intervention, and that all Africanist rebels have been captured or have disappeared. The Third Africanist War, a major defeat for Africanism, is over after a little more than a month of fighting.

June 28th, 2064: Cameroon and Nigeria sign the Treaty of Ankara, guaranteeing that Cameroon will never become an Africanist state. Cameroon agrees to allow Nigerian troops to be based in the country (mostly along the borders with Ubangi and Chad), and welcomes over $5 billion in aid from the Alliance for Democracy.

July 1st, 2064: Remaining PEACECOM forces begin withdrawing from Federated Central Congo. The SCZ has almost entirely been disbanded, and over half of the country has seen no attacks in a year. However, corruption in government remains extremely high, and tensions remain with the Republic of Kikongo.

July 8th-9th, 2066: One year after the departure of the last occupying forces, elections are held in Federated Central Congo. The result is a landslide for the Pan-Africanist African Party, lead by President Oedraogo of Burkina Faso. While the elections are marred by irregularities, international observers admitted that there was nevertheless legitimate and enthusiastic support for Africanist ideals in the Congo. Pierre Tansi, a local and vocal politician, is inaugurated as President, although he says that he “will listen closely to the advice” of his “dear friend, President Oedraogo of Burkina Faso.”

July 13th, 2064: Indonesia holds a presidential election. Hamzar Sudarsono of the Great Indonesia Movement Party is elected to the post of President, and will serve until 2069.

August 6, 2064: Australian voters directly elect Brisbane oncologist Dr. Priscilla J. Anderson as President of Australia. Partly of Australian aboriginal descent, she serves with distinction and is later reelected.

October 23rd, 2064: In baseball, the San Francisco Giants win the World Series.

November 6th, 2064: President Obama and Vice President Clinton-Mezvinsky are comfortably re-elected over former Vice President Ike Davis (R-OH) and Governor John Weld (R-MA).

President Malia Obama (D-IL) / Vice President Jeffory Clinton-Mezvinsky (D-NY) - 416 EV - 57.1% PV Former Vice President Ike Davis (R-OH) / Governor Jonathan Weld (R-MA) - 122 EV - 40.6% PV

Norse Cavlier is elected to the US Senate in California for the Republican Party.

May 1st, 2065: The massive African supercollider GART-C is completed in Kebila, Mali. Costing $57 billion over six years, the massive machine is powered by a dedicated fusion plant, which also provides power to much of southern Mali. Built to test the “reunification theory” of Nigerian physicist Muhammad Eda, the supercollider first operates on May 20th.

May 9th, 2065: Poland and the Baltic countries (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia) join the FES in the largest expasion of the FES since its inception in the 2030s. The access of Poland in the FES is considered the life's greatest achievement of former Commissioner Alphonse Supré. The Union State is alarmed by the progress of the FES towards Eastern Europe, especially after reaching its border.

June 20th, 2065: Security in the last military district of Federated Central Congo is turned over from occupying PEACECOM forces to the Congolese military. The last PEACECOM forces depart on June 26th, ending eight years of foreign occupation in the former Democratic Republic of the Congo.

September 1st, 2065: The GART-C supercollider in southern Mali provides proof of reunification theory, first proposed by Nigerian Muhammad Eda. The theory is hailed as the biggest breakthrough in physics in the history of mankind. Space enthusiasts are particularly excited by one of the precepts, which allows for near-infinite creation of energy out of tiny amounts of matter. This possibility would allow for much easier space travel within the Solar System, but would not solve the distance and speed problems associated with interstellar travel.

October 5, 2065: After collecting thousands of DNA samples across Africa, Dr. Joaquim Mulémbwè of Mozambique stuns the scientific community with the announcement that on average, approximately one percent of the genomes of Pygmys, the Khoi-San peoples and other Southern Africans who speak click languages such as the Khosa originates from an ancient hominid known as Homo Ergaster. This proves that Homo Sapiens and Homo Ergaster not only coexisted in Pleistocene times but interbred.

October 25th, 2065: In baseball, the Las Vegas Gamblers win the World Series.

November 5th, 2065: After over two years of publicity thanks to President Obama's public support, the Christian Progress organization has become a world-wide phenomenon. Similar to the World Vision group of the 20th and early 21st century, though more openly religious, the group fights poverty both in developed countries and undeveloped countries. This day, however, is the day Christian Progress begins to become a political organization. Whether due to Malia Obama's support, or due to Jamie Gray's own personal politics, the group begins to support political campaigns both financially and via the group's associated publicity.

December 4th, 2065: The bulk of CRN Plan 2065 is completed on this date, when all but the Atlanta to Dallas route open for business.

Janurary 1st, 2066: The East African Federation is officially welcomed into the Indian Ocean International Community, becoming the first member of the organization outside the Asian continent. China denounces the move as “a continuation of Indian neo-imperialism in Africa,” even though China itself has exploited the resources of numerous African nations through economic domination for decades.

February 11th, 2066: Karen Travis writes her final book, and the last book in her Star Wars series. To the disappointment of her core followers, she announces her retirement shortly after.

February 21st, 2066: The Atlanta Falcons Defeat the Portland Meadowlarks 38-13 in Super Bowl C at Robert Kraft Field in Brockton, MA to Win the 5th NFL Championship in Team History.

April 18th, 2066: Element 147 is discovered, for the first time in history on African soil (in this case in the East African Federation). IUPAC will later accept the name Africium (Af), analogous to Europium and Americium.

June 4th, 2066: A military research facility at Grand Forks Air Force Base in North Dakota experiences a state of emergency when research on customizable viruses loses control and viral agents are released. The virus in question, AB5.11n, was designed to target blood vessels in the brain and constrict them, cutting off the flow of oxygen. Over fifty military personnel are killed in the outbreak, including several civilians who lived within close proximity to the base. In the aftermath, Geoffrey Purdue, the researcher who discovered the method to design customizable viruses, speaks out against the military applications of his work.

June 17th, 2066: The Atlanta to Dallas route of the CRN is open for business, after a slight delay due to political wrestling with the state government of Arkansas, who currently are still opposed to the system running through their state.

July 11th, 2066: The massive GART-C supercollider is completed in the town of Bamako, Mali. Financed by the African “Big Three”, the USA, and the FES, GART-C is designed to provide proof for Muhammed Eda's “reconstruction theory”. The supercollider will undergo initial testing, and begin work in 2068.

July 31st, 2066: The thirty-third FIFA World Cup concludes in Argentina. Argentina wins the title in a thrilling 2-1 match over Cote d'Ivoire. Across the world, approximately 1.02 billion people watch the final match.

August 17th, 2066: Governor Maria Gomez (daughter of singer and actress Selena Gomez) of New York visits the opening ceremony of the Phoenix Towers in Manhattan. The twin buildings are the largest buildings in the world at 1457 and 1509 meters, far surpassing the Burj Khalifa, the previous record-holder, which is 829 meters tall. The towers were heavily influenced by the design of the World Trade Center, though with a more modern and sleek design. They were also influenced by the famous architect Donald Trump, whose designs for the New World Trade Center were passed over in favor of the Freedom Tower concept, which proved unpopular with NY state residents. She spearheaded the movement for a new and record-breaking structure to be erected to attract attention and business to New York. It worked, and business begins to pour in, and the Phoenix Towers' 237 floors are filled with cafes, apartments, offices, and more. The new buildings will become an iconic image of the New York City skyline for decades to come.

November 8th, 2066: U.S. Midterm Elections; the GOP sweeps both houses of Congress, building on their House majority and capturing the Senate for the first time since 2056. President Obama famously remarks that for the Democratic, “this is our 2010.” Also noteworthy in this cycle is the first Republican majority in the California State Assembly in over a century.

December 8th, 2066: Drissa Sow of Mali is elected as UN general Secretary, making Liu Xilai the first one-term secretary since Josef Adamowicz.

December 28th, 2066: Senator Norse Cavalier (R-CA) announces his candidacy for President of the United States, promising to restore America's economy and maintain friendly relations with both allies and rival powers.

December 31st, 2066: HRH Prince Edward, the Duke of Edinburgh dies from complications of leukemia at the age 102. The last surviving child of Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip, he is survived by his widow Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh and a son, the Earl of Wessex. A daughter, Lady Louise Mountbatten-Windsor preceded him in death.

March 22nd, 2067: After obtaining the permission of King William V, Walter Constantine John Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 12th Duke of Buccleuch and 14th Duke of Queensberry asks Princess Philippa for her hand in marriage to which she agrees.

May 23rd, 2067: Representative Bryan Wilson (P-CA) barnstorms through Virginia, New Jersey, Kentucky, and more in support of Populist candidates. He plans to claim the Populist nomination for himself come summer, and has been one of its main founders (and most loyal crusaders.) He is one of only five Representatives (and seven members of Congress), who supports the new party. He lauds it as “the new Bull Moose Party, but this time, people will make the right choice”.

June 15th, 2067: In a quiet ceremony in St. George’s Chapel, Windsor, Princess Philippa marries Walter Constantine John Montagu-Douglas-Scott, 12th Duke of Buccleuch and 14th Duke of Queensberry with only the royal family and a small selection of friends and relatives in attendance. The Earl of Strathclyde, a close friend of the duke’s, serves as best man.

July 22nd, 2067: Rep. Bryan Wilson barnstorms the northeast, quietly rounding up delegates for the Populist convention. He is the poster boy of the neo-Populist movement, which has flourished in the south and midwest. His fiery rhetoric and crisp skills as an orator make him an important spokesman for the party. Meanwhile, the off-year elections are coming up, and Wilson is working tirelessly for the Populist candidates, totaling an average of thirteen hours a day on the campaign trail.

November 7th, 2067: The Populist and Republican parties sweep the day, with the GOP taking 2 new governorships, the Farmer-Labor one. However, there are five legislatures with contested seats, and the Populists take over 20% of the Mississippi house seats and several in VA, as well as a few in NJ and KY. Meanwhile, the GOP handily wins all five legislatures, but everyone is paying attention to the Populists' historic gains.

November 14, 2067: A referendum on joining the European Federation is voted down by the people of Hungary in a narrow 52-48 vote. The Prime Minister of Hungary says the vote is “a reflection of Hungary's desire for independence and freedom. Joining the European Federation is not a desirable goal at this time.”

November 18, 2067: Sir Winston Lewis is appointed Governor-General of New Zealand.June 28, 2068 - Publication of a poll stating that nearly fifty percent of New Zealanders favor having a resident head-of-state. Although the Royal Family remains popular, a majority of New Zealanders favor cutting ties to Great Britain after the death of the greatly beloved King William V. Oddly, over sixty percent of New Zealanders favor retention of the monarchy when asked as a stand-alone question.

February 19th, 2068: Senator Arabella Rose Kushner (R-NY) campaigns for Senator Cavalier in Florida. Cavalier has swept Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, the only Republican (or Democrat) to ever do so, and her activism is merely a formality, as he is projected to crush the former Vice President by a twenty-point margin. Kushner has cemented herself on Cavalier's shortlist for Vice President, and has plans to run for the presidency in 2076, 2080, or even 2072 if need be. She has also supported the growing libertarian wing of the GOP, using the growing movement to throw herself into the spotlight and defeat the popular incumbent only four years ago.

April 19th, 2068: The Farm At Lake Michigan, one of the world's first urban vertical farms, is given a $65 million upgrade, as many of its features have become outdated in the 40 years of its existence. Its LEED status is subsequently restored to Platinum. Following these refits, the building is capable of feeding 60,000 people and is entirely self-powered.

May 2nd, 2068: Physicists at the GART-C supercollider in Mali announce that they have proved “reconstruction theory”. This stunning success for the first time provides a single theory which can explain every physical event observed by humanity. Muhammed Eda, the physicist who provided the basis for “reconstruction theory”, and the team at GART-C are named “People of the Year” by Time magazine.

June 2nd, 2068: The Populist convention is held in Columbus, Nebraska as a homage to the Populist party of the late 1800s and early 1900s, and as a tribute to Wilson's political hero, William Jennings Bryan. To no one's surprise, the Convention easily nominates Wilson as its candidate for president (he was the only candidate, only a few scattering delegates were counted against him). Wilson also will essentially have full control over the party platform, and his Vice Presidential nominee. He selects Senator Kyle Jennings of Minnesota as his running mate, hoping to give him the edge he needs in the Midwest to establish a truly national party. Some polls show him in second place to Cavalier in a competitive three-way tace, but this lead is expected to disappear. Even Wilson himself believes he has no chance of winning, but “I choose to take up the banner of my party this year to help encourage the local effort. It's what Eugene Debs did as well. No matter what happens this year, be it victory or a third place finish, I would like to remind all of you that we still win this year!”

June 24th, 2068: After over 40 years off the air, British science fiction show Doctor Who is revived as a reboot. The re-imagined series is a co-production between the BBC, Indian-based internet entertainment production company Bombay Online, and Far East-based internet entertainment production company Bakeneko. The Doctor Who internet series is the main focus of the new BBC Online Entertainment division. The reboot is influenced heavily by Indian, Chinese, and Japanese sources, and the global nature of the entertainment industry leads to many fans of the classic series (2005-2023) criticizing the show for being “considerably less British” and “much more global”. However, most professional critics will cite the worldly nature of the internet reboot as being a positive thing, and the new Doctor Who is seen positively by most. Even most classic Who fans eventually warm up to the series.

Starring Lewis T. Winter, Kai Patel and Sophie Davis.

July 14th, 2068: Senator Norse Cavalier of California is easily nominated for President on the first ballot, helping steer the platform to pro-reform, including on elections: “I would like to remind you that so many hard-working Americans don't get to have their voices heard on election day, which is why I have proposed on numerous occasions, in the form of both legislation and my own opinion, that we either have a national holiday from work on election day or, in my opinion the better alternative, we have voting take place on both Saturday and Sunday so if you forget one day, you have the chance to get down there and cast the most powerful weapon in our great arsenal of democracy: the vote.”

July 27th, 2068: At the end of the Populist national convention, Wilson blasts President Obama as “a war-monger” and “a pathetic excuse for a liberal.” His final speech is important, as it lays out the Populist Party's strategy: to attack the Republicans on the right for abandoning their social conservatism while he will attack the Democrats on the left as neoliberals and warmongers. It is largely working, as recent polling shows Cavalier with 41% to the Vice President's 35% and Wilson's 23%. However, these numbers are likely to change, and there are still three months left until election day.

August 1st, 2068: Democratic National Convention; Vice President Clinton-Mezvinsky accepts his Democratic presidential nomination amidst a deeply divided convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. In a weak attempt to appeal to the moderate-conservative wing of the party, he taps the youthful Senator Clyde Galloway of South Carolina as his running mate. While Galloway is highly popular with moderate-conservatives, polls show his presence on the Democratic ticket helps little in his home region of the South, and there are concerns about his inexperience with only two years as a Senator.

August 8th, 2068: At the 2068 Summer Olympics in Jakarta, Indonesia, American Cyrus Francis becomes the first human being to run the 100 meter dash in less than 9 seconds, winning gold with his 8.97 mark.

August 16th, 2068: Republican National Convention; Senator Norse Cavalier of California accepts the Republican presidential nomination at the party's convention in Las Vegas, Nevada. In a highly surprising move, Cavalier chooses someone outside the party as his running mate: independent Governor Maria Gomez of New York. While some party officials are disappointed at the unorthodox choice, many are optimistic of the prospect of GOP expansion into previously-thought unreachable regions of the country, especially given the current divide within the Democratic Party.

November 2nd, 2068: Senator Norse Cavalier (R-CA) is elected to the presidency in the biggest Republican landslide since Marco Rubio's re-election victory in 2032. Vice President Clinton-Mezvinsky (D-NY) and Congressman Brian Wilson (P-CA) split the respective bases of the Democratic Party, which contributed greatly to Cavalier's overwhelming victory.

Senator Norse Cavalier (R-CA) / Governor Maria Gomez (I-NY) - 379 EV - 48.8% PV Vice President Jeffory Clinton-Mezvinsky (D-NY) / Senator Clyde Galloway (D-SC) - 113 EV - 31.2% PV Congressman Bryan Wilson (P-CA) / Senator Kyle Jennings (P-MN) - 46 EV - 19.1% PV

November 15, 2068: Publication of Humbled Woman, Proud Healer by H.R.H Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain. In the best-selling book, the princess fearlessly describes her ordeal in the Congo and rescue. She also details her re-acquaintance with her eleven-year-old sons and their adjustment to life living with her in a castle near a small town in Northern Scotland. The public is especially touched by the unconditional love shown by the princesses’ parents, Queen Catherine and King William during the boys‘ rocky first few years in Britain. The book is soon made into a major motion picture starring the academy-award winning actress, Alessandra Singleton as the princess. All profits from the book and the movie go to Médecins Sans Frontières or Doctors without Borders and to relief for Congolese refugees.

Janurary 20th, 2069: In his Inaugural Address, President Cavalier lays out his legislative agenda, the “Contract for America”, which will include tariff reductions, the consolidation of several cabinet positions into a total of 10 departments “as we enter the twenty-second century”, a private option in healthcare, across-the-board tax cuts, reduction of fraud in the entitlement programs, a Concert of Democracies which includes all of America's allies, and a balanced-budget amendment, as well as increased government transparency and civil liberties. Few living Americans recall the reference to a similar Contract with America promised by House Minority Whip Newt Gingrich in 1994. However, those who do are pleased with the President's similar agenda. The President retains his star power, entering office with a sixty-three percent approval rating as the president boldly declairs “We have the duty and honor of preserving this great nation for the next generation, as we rocket into space, try to touch the face of God, and strive for excellence. However, first and formost, we must remember how we have gotten here: because we are Americans.”

Janurary 21st, 2069: President Cavalier gets down to work, laying out his agenda for his first 100 days in office: tax cuts, civil rights for Scions, and a Concert of Democracies. With Republican supermajorities in both houses of Congress, he will face little opposition on the first two items; however, the latter will pose a challenge. He quickly meets with House Speaker Liz Templeton (R-FL) and Senate Majority Leader Sean Hannity III (C-NY), as well as failed Vice Presidential candidate Senator Calloway (D-SC).

February 7th, 2069: President Cavalier rams through a comprehensive tax reform bill, which will phase out much of the IRS, lower rates greatly on businesses and personal income across-the-board, reduce the capital gains tax by 15%, eliminate deductions, and collapse the system into three brackets and indexing them to inflation, eliminating the need for most tax lawyers. It also features bold tariff reductions, which is immensely popular among both parties, save for the uber-populist Democrats and Populist party, the former still reeling from losses in the recent elections.

March 27th, 2069: A Massive EF5 Tornado Strikes Downtown Saint Louis, Missouri, Killing over 7 Thousand People, the most deaths caused by any Tornado ever, and causing Hundreds of Billions of Dollars in Property Damage. President Cavalier deploys FEMA and declares a National Day of Mourning in response.

April 2nd-10th, 2069: For nine days, riots sweep across the Arabian Peninsula. Discontented youth (especially women) start fires and attack government forces in cities from Riyadh to Dubai, sparked by a major fire in a slum in Manama, Bahrain. As fusion power has exploded into wide use across the developed world, oil consumption has dropped to its lowest level of use since the 2010s. In the seven members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, a recession has been in effect for nearly a year. As their economic fortunes have been threatened, the nations of the GCC have become ever more repressive, and have banded together for support against demographic and social turmoil. In the end, the riots are put down by a unified, coordinated military effort, which leaves 129 dead across the GCC. The crackdown is widely condemned, especially by A'ama. Egyptian President Alesh Hamatoub calls the suppression of the protests “a grave crime against Islam and against humanity”, and calls for the resignation of Saudi King Faisal II bin Salman.

May 9, 2069: Bosnia-Herzegovina accedes to the European Federation, on the 119th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration. The main reason for its delay into the Union was antagonism between it and neighboring Croatia, as well as simmering discontent with the West in general over the Yugoslav Wars. However, this hostility ultimately faded as the generation that remembered Yugoslavia passed on, and the nation eventually decides to join.

June 1st, 2069: Chinese and Indian forces clash in southern Equatoria (South Sudan). In 2067, a huge deposit of monazite was discovered and China and India had skirmishes about the exploitation rights. After law brought no solution, Indian security forces marched into southern Sudan and clashed with Chinese ones. There is a first small 'battle', and the Indian side is victorious

June 29th, 2069: Seeing opposition from powerful interests within his own party and the opposition, President Cavalier takes his case to the people, urging for them to call their congressmen and demand an audit of the federal reserve, and to “allow these powerful bureaucrats to be fired for wrongdoing, just like everyone else.” By July 2, the Federal Reserve Reform Act is narrowly passed by Congress after arm-twisting by both the president and Senator Calloway (D-SC), however, the actions of the latter are much less noisy.

July 4th, 2069: President Cavalier is asked to give a speech during the Fourth of July celebrations, but declines: “I don't want to turn this day of national pride into political grandstanding, and God forbid something I do stain this most patriotic day of remembrance.” However, the president is back to his usual self the next day, this time for military reform.

July 5th, 2069: President Cavalier calls for a reform in military spending, streamlining the chain of command, and increasing space projects, including resurrection of the Star Wars Project, whose primary goal is to ensure the complete uselessness of nuclear weapons. However, this new version would be operated by the Concert of Democracies, and ultimately the United Nations, in order to ensure any nuclear warheads launched by any nation would be pulverized instantly, in theory that is.

July 9th, 2069: Indonesia holds a presidential election. Hamzar Sudarsono of the Party is reelected to the post of President, and will serve until 2074.

August 5, 2069: Death of Queen Ingrid of Norway in a combine accident at her husband’s wheat ranch near New Salem, North Dakota. The monarch, like many ranch wives in the area, was helping her husband in the fields with harvest when the gas tank of the decrepit, late-20th Century combine the family used explodes. Also killed is her husband, H.R.H Prince Jason (Peterson). She is succeeded by her eldest son, Prince Magnus (b. 21 August 2034) who ascends the Norwegian throne as King Magnus VIII.

August 21st, 2069: President Cavalier releases all details of the Kennedy Assassination; though initially supposed to be released seventy-five years after the assassination, the government still withheld nearly all information and tapes of the Warren Commission, as well as then-CIA Director George Bush's confidential tapes and diaries. The President declares, “Now we can finally begin to move on, and, over a century after this obscured and tragic event in our nation's history, we can begin to heal. As President Kennedy once said, 'Many of our goals will not be accomplished in the first one hundred days of this administration, nor will they be accomplished in the first thousand days, or perhaps even during the life of this administration. But let us begin.'” His advisors finally convinced him not to quote his predecessor using his albeit spot-on Kennedy impression, persuading him that it would come off as too uncaring.

December 1st, 2069: Death of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex of lung cancer at the age of 85. One of the most beloved members of the British Royal Family, Prince Harry was known for his sense of humor and common touch.

Janurary 1st, 2070: Treaty of Perth; the Indian Ocean Security and Defense Organization is established as a strategic military alliance in the Indian Ocean basin, in response with recent Chinese belligerence in Africa and Asia. The founding members are Australia, Bangladesh, Burma, the East African Federation, India, Madagascar, Oman, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Thailand.

The World Health Organization declares that HIV/AIDS is extinct in the wild, making it the fifth disease to be so wiped out. The global AIDS pandemic ended in the 2030s after a massive vaccination campaign, but scattered cases continued to appear until 2062. The last person known to die from AIDS, 22-year old South Sudanese man Taban Gai, passed away in 2064, marking the end of an era.

May 5, 2070: Balmoral Dawn: A Tone Poem composed by H.R.H. Princess Diana of Great Britain is debuted by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra directed by Zdenek von Schwarzenburg with the composer present. The princess and the eminent conductor hit it off and marry the next year.

July 12th, 2070: A young baby by the name of Sidharta Richard Singh is born in Uganda. He is born to a former Catholic nun and Priest, missionaries both hailing from India. They resigned from chastity to be married, though both were happy as clergy, and their story will forever have an imprint on the heart and decisions of their new baby boy.

Scientists at a Harvard Research Facility successfully re-animate a human frozen in cryonic suspension. This brings a mixed response from the worlds people, with many religions condemning the “outright disrespect for human life.” While this will prompt the basis for long-term space voyages in the future, the controversy resulting from cryonic suspension will continue long into the future.

December 12, 2070: Twenty-two year old University of California/Berkeley pre-med student Josiah Washington is accidentally shot in the abdomen during a drive-by shooting in an Oakland, California convenience store by members of the ICP gang. His liver is determined to be damaged beyond repair but the surgeons think it can be replaced with a cloned organ using techniques developed by Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz and his team at the Los Pinos Institute for Genetic Research. The DNA of the Cal/Berkeley pre-med student is tested in order to begin the cloning process, but unbeknownst to the hospital staff, an automatic alert email is sent to Dr. Cruz by the decoding software developed at his genetic research organization and used worldwide. Dr. Cruz immediately flies to California.

Although honored by the famous geneticist’s interest, the hospital staff are puzzled by the Nobel Laureate’s sudden interest in their patient. They are not told that their patient carries mitochondrial DNA identical to several members of the British Royal Family. Interestingly, he does not carry the same Y-DNA as Princess Elizabeth’s other sons. After interviewing him, Dr. Cruz discovers that Josiah Washington was adopted as a small boy from a Kinshasa orphanage by a childless interracial couple in San Diego, California. The boy’s obvious biracial physical phenotype interested the couple and he was brought to the United States. His childhood was uneventful as he grew up the son of a successful San Diego dentist. His parents didn’t try to hide his adoption but they knew nothing of his blood parentage.

The young man is stunned to hear he is likely to be the long-lost son of Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain, who had revealed the details of her jungle ordeal in the best-selling book entitled Humbled Woman, Proud Healer.

December 14th, 2070: Prince Daniel, Duke of Duke of Västergötland (b. September 15, 1973), husband of Queen Victoria of Sweden dies at age 97 from injuries sustained during an accident with a faulty piece of exercise equipment.

Janurary 10, 2071: Josiah Washington undergoes a successful liver transplant and makes a rapid recovery.

January 13th, 2071: Prince Johan, Duke of Västerbotten, (b. September 19, 2017) the elder son of Queen Victoria of Sweden and her husband Prince Daniel, Duke of Västergötland dies of brain cancer at the insane asylum outside Stockholm, Sweden where he had resided for most of his adult life.

April 11th, 2071: Queen Victoria of Sweden (b. 14 July 1977) abdicates the throne of Sweden leaving the throne to her daughter Crown Princess Estelle, Duchess of Östergötland (b. 23 February 2012). Citing her desire to follow in the footsteps of another Queen Regnant of Sweden who abdicated, Queen Christina, the deeply depressed ex-Queen of Sweden moves to Rome and converts to Roman Catholicism.

June 12, 2071: Josiah Washington and his adoptive parents fly to London where they meet his birth mother Princess Elizabeth of Great Britain as well as his grandparents King William V and Queen Catherine. He also meets his half-brothers, Eddie and Ziggy Windsor. (Officially, they are Mr. Edward Henry William James Mountbatten-Windsor and Mr. Alexander Ignacio Philip Charles Mountbatten-Windsor.)

A warm relationship is established between the young medical student and his birth mother and grandparents. The king and his grandson enjoy a brief but enjoyable closeness before the king’s death on December 31, 2072. Josiah Washington changes his name to Josiah Washington-Windsor and carries his grandfather‘s coffin as a pallbearer with his half-brothers and cousin, H.R.H. Prince William Johannes James Alois of Great Britain and Liechtenstein (b. April 30th, 2044). Josiah Washington-Windsor finishes medical school and becomes a General Practitioner in his hometown of San Diego, California.

August 7th, 2072: Several bombs are detonated at the G-13 (now G-8) summit at Nairobi, EAF. The building is devastated, 200 are believed to be dead and 341 more are injured. Among the casualties are such prominent world leaders as American President Norse Cavalier, UK Prime Minister Theodore Quartermain, FES Commissioner Kyriakos Amanatidis, President of the EAF Vincent Oliech, and President of the Union State Andrey Brezhnev. Chinese Premier Shao Chianglei barely survives. Suspicion immediately descends upon the remnants of the SCZ, in cooperation with other Christian Fundamentalists.

In the United States, Maria A. Gomez is sworn in as the new U.S. President, becoming the third female US president after Kirsten E. Gillibrand and Malia A. Obama. She swears to eradicate the SCZ at all costs.

August 8th, 2072: Newly sworn-in President Maria Gomez declares a national week of mourning for the fallen President Norse Cavalier. A state funeral is held three days later attended by the heads of state of over 40 countries including those of other fallen leaders. During her first speech as President, someone yells that he cant hear the quiet natured President Gomez. She responds by resoundingly proclaiming “I can hear you, sir, the cowards who killed our president can hear you, and you can bet they will hear all of us soon! We shall have justice!” Her speech is met with applause, and the older Americans recall the similar response of President George Bush at Ground Zero, days after 9/11. It wasn't a coincidence.

Ex-Queen Victoria moves back to Stockholm, un-converts from Roman Catholicism back to Swedish Lutheranism and takes off her widow’s weeds. She tells her family “I’ve decided to live again.” Hale and hearty and in amazingly good health at age 95, the ex-Queen resumes an active social life.

The PES (Party of European Socialists), the largest party in the European Assembly and lead party of the governing coalition, hold an emergency leadership election after the assassination of the incumbent Kyriakos Amanatidis. Martin Aubrek, the Deputy Leader, is elected, and by virtue of the office also succeeds Amanatadis as Prime Minister of Europe, being formally appointed by the President the same day.

September 1st, 2072: President Gomez makes two historic decisions at a White House press conference; first, she announces that she will no longer be an Independent and joins the Republican Party and will run as their nominee in place of Cavalier in the upcoming presidential elections. Second, she nominates Senator Harold Faysal (R-PA) as vice president; Faysal is the first Arab American to be named to the executive branch, born to Lebanese Maronite parents in Philadelphia. Faysal is confirmed by the Senate swiftly and takes office five days later.

September 2, 2072: Elections in New Zealand. The pro-Republican Labour Party wins a plurality of seats but not a majority. It is forced to try to form a coalition government with the tiny monarchist Ngati Poneke Maori Party. During negotiations Prime Minister-designate Alfred Trehearne privately wonders how they can retain the monarchy but dethrone the British Monarch as head-of-state and replace him with a native New Zealander. Ngati Poneke Maori Party leader Te Kani Afeaki tells him the solution is simple and actually rather elegant. He proposes making Governor-General Sir Winston Lewis, former Chief Justice of the New Zealand Supreme Court the new king. He is related to the British Royal Family by blood and is married to the Queen of the Maoris. Alfred Trehearne agrees the respected Governor-General and jurist is quite acceptable but asks that the proposal be kept secret until after the first of year. However, his plans change after the death of King William V on 31 December 2072.

October 8th, 2072: The SEP wins the elections in the Federated European States in a landslide, with the EUPP coming in as second, followed by the CEU (which dramatically lost votes due to the fact that many still remember the great-Grandfather of the Candidate as Prime Minister of Italy).

November 4th, 2072: President Maria Gomez and Vice President Harold Faysal are elected in the biggest popular and electoral landslide since Ronald Reagan in 1984. The sympathy vote from the late President Cavalier's assassination and progressive “ideological orgasm” (as stated off-record by Vice President Faysal) of the Democratic ticket are noted as the two main factors in Gomez's overwhelmingly decisive victory.

President Maria Gomez (R-NY) / Vice President Harold Faysal (R-PA) - 507 EV - 58.6% PV Congressman Geoffrey Yates (D-RI) / Former Senator Cynthia Vincente (D-MI) - 31 EV - 35.1% PV

Xavier D. Richardson is elected as a Senator from New Jersey. He is famous for being the youngest Senator in office, meeting the age requirements for office when being sworn in by just over a month. A senior prosecutor in the Trenton County Prosecutor's office, he runs on a strong record of public service and riding on a strong wave of anti-establishment sentiment in the state after numerous corruption allegations damage his Republican predecessor.

Brother of the late President Norse Cavalier, Robert Michael Cavalier II has won his brother's former senate seat in a landslide election. He fell just short of the 50% in the blanket primary, and tonight has defeated former Governor Bryan Richardson by a nearly two-to-one margin, winning 61% of the vote, to take back the seat from the Democrats. The new Senator Cavalier is also sixteen years younger than his brother, and is already under fire for accusation of using the Senate Seat as a stepping stone to higher office. At his victory celebration, he “vehemently disavows any interest in seeking higher office at this time; I am going to spend the next six years on serving the people of California who tonight have spoken that this is where they want me, and working full-time as their senator.”

December 31st, 2072: King William V of Great Britain dies at Buckingham Palace as a result of complications of a stroke at the age of 90. The death of the wildly popular king was deeply felt by the British people who expressed their grief with an intensity unseen seen the death of the king’s mother, Princess Diana 73 years before. He is succeeded by his eldest daughter, Philippa (b. 2 November 2015).

Janurary 1, 2073: In his last New Year’s Honours List prepared days before his death, in appreciation for services rendered to the Crown, King William V of Great Britain makes Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz of the Los Pinos Institute for Genetic Research an honorary Knight Commander of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George.

Janurary 11th, 2073: State funeral of King William V.

April 9, 2073: Referendum on the New Zealand monarchy. Shortly after King William V‘s death in December, the coalition government of New Zealand Prime Minister Alfred Trehearne proposes that native New Zealander and British royal Sir Winston Lewis be enthroned as King of New Zealand instead of King William V’s daughter Princess Philippa. Fifty-Eight percent of New Zealanders vote for this change in dynasty, and upon the advice of her New Zealand prime minister, Queen Philippa abdicates. Sir Winston Lewis is asked to become the new king and ascends the throne with the reignal name of King Winston I.

June 2, 2074: Coronation of Queen Philippa of Great Britain. Premiere performance of St. Edward’s Crown, new coronation music by H.R.H Princess Diana of Great Britain. Asked why she composed it, she replied, “I was totally sick of the standard Sir William Walton and Benjamin Britten stuff.”

November 4th, 2074: Xavier D. Richardson is elected as a Senator from New Jersey for the Democrats. He is famous for being the youngest Senator in office, meeting the age requirements for office when being sworn in by just over a month. A senior prosecutor in the Trenton County Prosecutor's office, he ran as a dark horse anti-establishment candidate on a strong record of public service and riding on a strong wave of anti-establishment sentiment in the state after numerous corruption allegations damage his Republican predecessor.

Janurary 3rd, 2075: On the back of very strong results in the previous year's midterms, the Republican leadership in the new Congress move on President Gomez's civil rights agenda. The Civil Rights Bill is unveiled before press by the President, the President pro tempore, the Speaker and several prominent back benchers. It's principal effect would be to amend the Civil Rights Acts of 1964 and 1968 and the Voting Rights Act to include “genetic identity or profile” as a protected class.

February 21st, 2075: The Civil Rights Bill gets stalled in committee in the House. While the Republicans have easy control of the committee, their is a cross party split on the issue. The Democrats are split between social libertarians and social conservatives on the issue of scions in general, while the Republicans are split three ways, between pro and anti scionists and by limited government-types who, 14th Amendment notwithstanding, view it as an over-reach of the federal government not in keeping with the work over the past 6 years to cut down on federal regulations. While the bill is not rejected entirely due to strong party discipline during Gomez's mid term honeymoon, they won't allow the bill to sail through either and they keep it there for a month before finally voting it through on a suprising one vote majority.

April 15, 2075: While in the tiny West African country of Guinea-Bissau collecting DNA samples for his ongoing African DNA research, Dr. Joaquim Mulémbwè of the Los Pinos Institute of Genetic Research is kidnapped by thugs. Controlled by President-for-Life Mario Mohamed Djalo these thugs move the genetic researcher incommunicado to the dictator’s private estate on a small island in the Arquipelago dos Bijados off the coast of Guinea-Bissau. Dr. Mulémbwè is led to a state-of-the-art laboratory and is told in no uncertain terms that if he wishes to live, he must clone the dinosaur known as Oxalaia quilombensis, a five ton giant carnivore whose genome had been sequenced in 2032. Since Dr. Mulémbwè had closely worked with Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz during the cloning of the Emperor Maximilian, he knew as much as his colleague about the process.

December 31, 2075: Debut of the King William Requiem by H.R.H. Princess Diana of Great Britain on the third anniversary of her father‘s death. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra under the direction of the composer’s husband, Zdenek von Schwarzenburg, the inspirational melody from the fourth movement later becomes an unofficial British national anthem.

October 27th, 2075: Dr. Olaf Magnusson saves the life of Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz by replacing his diseased nephritic kidneys with new cloned ones. The surgery is a complete success.

November 1st, 2077: Ex-Queen Victoria of Sweden (b. 14 July 1977) at age 100, marries Don Juan Guerra y Alarcon, a retired Spanish diplomat forty years her junior. Many Swedes are scandalized. Ex-Queen Victoria “doesn't give a rat's pimply left butt-cheek” (her exact words, spoken in private to her daughter but recorded in her memoirs) and gets married anyway.

November 5th, 2077: Xavier D. Richardson is elected Governor of New Jersey for the Democrats by a margin of 8% over his Republican opponent. He runs on a platform of cleaning up government and “restoring the compassion and humanity to our state.” He studiously avoids the question of scions and transhumanist issues.

November 8th, 2078: Senator Cavalier has won the runoff with 67% of the vote to Rep. Bryan Jenning's 33%, though he sues the State for requiring the runoff after he won the blanket primary with more than a majority, attempting to overturn the runoff, which is estimated to cost over $20 million.

September 21, 2079: Publication of Maxed Out: An Author’s Obsession by New York Times reporter Allyn Folsom which reveals all the circumstances of the cloning of the Emperor Maximilian twenty-one years before as told to him by disgruntled former Los Pinos Institute for Genetic Research employee Neftali Lopez Charles.

September 25, 2079: The publication of Maxed Out causes a firestorm of controversy. Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz issues a statement confirming the details of the book but states firmly that he had not nor would likely ever again clone another complete dead individual because of ethical qualms he confessed he had not thought through when he originally cloned the deceased Mexican emperor. He also firmly refused to publish any of his research or methods that led to the emperor’s cloning.

September 29, 2079: In a press conference in Boston, Massachusetts, 21-year-old Harvard College junior Alejandro M. Villalobos, with his parents at his side tells his story. He had a wonderful childhood with parents who deeply loved him. They had revealed the truth about his cloning when he was twelve when he began asking questions because the tall, blue-eyed boy did not remotely resemble his Mestizo parents physically. Although he confessed to being “creeped out” by the fact that his DNA came from blood off a shirt, he knew that he was not the actual Maximilian von Hapburg but his identical twin. He described many differences in personality and lifestyle and had no desire to be emperor of anything. He was fascinated by birds and desired a career as an ornithologist. He wouldn’t mind meeting his Hapsburg blood relations someday but didn’t want to be a bother. “I’m just an ordinary Mexican kid without anything terribly earthshaking to share with the world…unless you’re interested in birds. I hope you’ll leave me alone and respect my privacy,” he asked.

November 5th, 2079: Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz changes his mind about cloning ancient DNA after receiving a letter from his godson, Alejandro M. Villalobos. The young ornithology student tells him he understands that he doesn’t want his technology used to clone another Hitler but pleads with him to consider reviving several extinct species such as the passenger pigeon and the woolly mammoth. After smiling at the irony of a clone pleading for more cloning, the geneticist makes some calls. By the end of the week, he has obtained DNA samples from seven ancient woolly mammoths frozen in the permafrost of Siberia. By the end of the month, he has procured three female African elephants from a bankrupt Bulgarian circus and has them shipped to Galeana, Nuevo Leon. By the end of the year, all three are pregnant.

August 13th, 2081: Ex-Queen Victoria of Sweden (b. 14 July 1977) dies peacefully in her sleep at age 104.

September 24, 2081: President-for-Life Mario Mohamed Djalo is overthrown by Africanist revolutionary forces led by Manuel Duarte Nhamadjo. The dictator flees to his private island in the Bijados Archipelago where he finds his secluded compound ruined and burned out by unknown forces. Unnerved by reported sightings of monsters, his few loyal soldiers desert him as Africanist forces land on the island to apprehend him. Fleeing into the jungle, the dictator is tracked running erratically into the interior by Africanist intelligence operatives via the GPS on his cell phone. Trackers realize later that he no longer had his cell phone after they find his head and other body parts strewn across a clearing only a mile from his ruined compound. The dictator’s greatest secret is soon revealed when the Africanist troops are attacked by several Oxalaia quilombensis dinosaurs. Later, one of them is brought down and the dictator’s torso and cell phone are found in its stomach.

The body of Dr. Joaquim Mulémbwè is found amidst the ashes of the compound but none of his notes or cloning methodology records are recovered.

The world acknowledges Dr. Joaquim Mulémbwè’s great achievement when photographs of the living dinosaurs are released to the press shortly after the announcement by Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz of his cloning of wooly mammoths. The new government declares Djalo’s island an off-limits game preserve and the dinosaurs there thrive. Dr. Alejandro de la Cruz deeply mourns the death of his colleague and close friend.

September 26th-29th, 2081: Three cloned woolly mammoths are born on the grounds of the Los Pinos Institute of Genetic Research. The world looks on in wonder at photos of living creatures the likes of which had not been seen on the earth for 10,000.

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