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A Revised History of the Future (2001 - 2150)

A Revised History of the Future (2001 - 2150) is a Future History timeline by Pkmatrix, begun in July 2010 and placed on hiatus in July 2014. It was last updated on 1 August 2014. The original thread can be read at A Revised History of the Future (2001 - 2150).


The timeline is an effort to detail every year from 2001 to 2150 via summaries of the five main or most important events of each year, while trying to maintain a sense of realism and a more global, multi-polar worldview.


The earliest incarnation of the timeline was Earth: 2001 to 2150, posted in November 2006, which described a future where the balance of power had become multipolar, space development had led the to establishment of colonies on the Moon, and the collapse of Communist China forced the formation of despotic Sino-Lunarian city states on the Moon's far side. Although the timeline reached the year 2070, Pkmatrix decided it had become too unrealistic and the project stalled.

Pkmatrix was inspired to pick it up again in late 2007 thanks to a topic posted by Thande, A little exercise (to prove a point), which revealed the flaws in the popular “1 Event, 1 Year” format by pointing out how little it would reflect reality if one tried to describe a period of actual history with it. In response, Pkmatrix devised the concept of a new Future History timeline, one that was slower paced and more realistic than the previous attempt, that instead summarized five events per year - enough, he felt, for the reader to get a proper sense of the state of the world. As with the previous timeline, he decided to describe every single year between 2001 and 2150 - a total of 750 events for the completed timeline, each a paragraph long.

The rebooted the timeline was posted in early 2008 as History of the Future: 2001 to 2150. That effort, unfortunately, only reached 2030 before it too stalled. In August 2010 he restarted it a second time in the same “5 events, 1 year” format as before, but majorly revised to reflect recent events and retitled it, A Revised History of the Future (2001 - 2150). As of August 2014, the timeline covers the years 2001 through 2125.

Although the current timeline can trace its lineage back to the 2006 timeline, it bears little resemblance or relation to it.

In August 2012, o.a.musimon began a new collaborative timeline, A Revised History of Sports, covering the history of sports within the world of A Revised History of the Future.



There have been a few spin-off timelines from A Revised History of the Future.


At the 2012 winners Turtledove Awards, the timeline won "Best Continuing Modern/Future History" category.

At the 2013 Turtledove Awards, the timeline won the "Best Continuing Future History" category.

It was nominated again in 2014, but lost.

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