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Stories: Other ASB Stories and Fantasy Stories

This index lists stories and narrative projects that either fit into the fantasy genre or of an Alien Space Bats nature but don't fit into any other index.

The Long Dark Eggnog Time of the Soul by Doctor What (overlaps with Comedy)

A Most Unusual Meeting by Doctor What

The Godzillaverse series by Snake Featherston - Volume I, Volume II, Volume III (Work in progress)

The Golden Isles by Flocculencio (A blend of alternate history and historical fantasy utilizing an 15th/16th century East Indies setting.)

Over and Under by Haggis (A steampunkish American South fantasy story.)

The Failure by ScorchedLight

An Interview with God by Jasen777

ASB Settings by B Munro

Leonardo’s Last Machine by Doctor What

Short Horror Stories - A thread for posting short horror-themed stories or vignettes of various genres, from various writers. Started by Redem.

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