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Over and Under

Over and Under is a story created by Haggis (with the somewhat able assistance of The Bald Imposter), set in a semi-mythical “steampunk” version of the American South. This is still a work in progress, and this wiki entry is intended to serve as a glossary for readers of the story.

I was thinking of a sort of Southern Steampunk/Fantasy setting but I wanted it with analogs and not just coming out and having a magical CSA. So a lot of the geography and people will be based off of the Southern United States, and later some other things like Shakespeare and sub-Saharan Africa and whatever I feel like throwing in, I'm still going to try and keep it relatively fresh and substitute names and the like. If that makes sense.



Sam Hall
Polemy Tindall
Willy Lee
The Helena





The Jaesi, being one of the least seen cultures thus far, are an analogue of the Iroquois Confederacy. As of right now they consist of Five Tribes.

The Salagi: Essentially just the Cherokee with a different name.

The Sigidi: Derived from a Zulu word which means “Fighting like millions” they are the most caste obsessed and hawkish of the Five Tribes. The character of Singer belonged to this group.

The Dwi: One of three named Pygmy groups, driven from their original homeland by Fedinra raiders.

The Nazare: Analagous to the Congolese, as the name is derived from Nzare, which means The Swallowing River. The Nazare are master canal builders and engineers and spend quite a lot of time in boats. Polemy Tindall keeps a few as servants.

The Thambu: Similar to the Black Seminoles, the Thambu are a collection of former Salagi slaves, Sigidi who have lost their caste status, and really anyone who just showed up and was denied entry into any of the other tribes.



Many religions have been briefly mentioned in Over and Under. The most widely seen is the Rambler Religion of Willy Lee and his well armed flock.

Other faiths include many references to a mysterious figure known only as The Traveler, who in addition to writing the Rambling Tome apparently is the Father of Thunder, has a hallucinogenic cactus named after him, and is known in Jaesi as the simba-krist.

However, no miracles have been performed yet and some updates point to the character of Agni being either highly hostile to any idea of a God or gods or he is an atheist.


Many names in the Over and Under universe come from Haggis mucking about with OTL etymologies or listening to too much Johnny Cash before he writes an update.

Sam Hall, Willy Lee, and Molly all come from a Johnny Cash song. And when Agni the Black stabbed an assistant named Paisley it was a nod to the fact that Haggis hates the song “Whiskey Lullaby” by Brad Paisley.

And a character mentioned only briefly, Zed, comes from the Gogol Bordello song “Unvisible Zed.”

Most updates have slight nods to old country songs and hardcore punk bands in them, as well as Montanian geography.

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