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Snake Featherston

A long-time member hailing from Cajunland, known for starting long, tangentially-related rants on topics that are tangentially related to the topic at hand.

He had a self-confessed “…particularly twisted sense of morality that sees morality only as something that the victors dictate. You win, either through the moolah or the gun, you're moral. You don't? You ain't.”.

Snake was banned on August 19th 2012 for excessive arguments in Post 1900 regarding mass murder.


In his own words, “I'm working on several projects”:

Snake on writing AH

My particular interest is in underexplored cultures and PODs. My AH and sci-fi is all in one interconnected multiverse, including my fan-fics. Makes things much easier, that's for sure. I also happen to have an obsession of sorts with Raven, not the creepy hentai kind, but the sort that says “They keep using this character wrong, and I'm going to use it right.” This obsession also is with characters like Darth Maul, Godzilla (yes, I be kaiju fan, grrr), and with, of all things, Doctor Doom. Anyhow, that's my main stuff I'm up to.

Political beliefs

Oh, and I'm a supporter of Caesaropapism who sees democracy as a fatally flawed system depending on extreme global geopolitical imbalance that isn't going to last forever. Once the wealth behind democracy vanishes, then we'll see just how stable it really is. I hope it can survive a weakening of its economic support base, as I rather like living in the real society as opposed to the sort of society I feel is best for mankind. Autocracy with the local religious tradition as subject to the ruler is the most stable form of existence, overall. It can bounce back without outside interference. Something tells me Western Liberal Democracy will not be able to do that.

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