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A Chilean member of the board. Joined in September 2010.

Claims to Fame

He likes to troll Chilean neonazis and then amuse members with tales of his exploits. Thanks to him, we've learned that Chilean neonazis are probably the most confused and insane sort of neonazis by far.

He finds US Objectivists idolising Chile as some sort of “untapped paradise for Objectivist living” to be equally ridiculous. And he's not exactly fond of the kookier groups of vegetarians either… Or stalinists...


He's also a fan of bicycles, survival kits and the IL-2 Sturmovik games.


Author of the post-apocalyptic story The Failure, set in his native Chile.

He also wrote the present-to-WWII ISOT story An Axis Victory is hit by a BRIC : China and Russia ISOTed to an Axis Victory TL and an “oral history”-style AH story, Disaster in Germania.

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