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In Da Gadda De Vita Through a Cracked Dark Mirror


Season: 1

Episode: 1

Written by: Doctor What

Air date: May 30, 2005

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The ship arrive on a planet that seems to be a utopia - complete with airships! The crew go down to the planet for much needed R & R. Alas, unbeknownst to them, the Mirror AH.Com ship has also arrived at this world. The Mirror Crew go down to cause their usual mayhem and chaos and, by an amazing coincidence, happen to go to the same hotel that the AH.Com crew are staying.

Much hilarity ensues and, due to a series of highly improbable events, the Doctor What of each crew are exchanged, with the AH.Com Doctor What ending up on the Mirror AH.Com ship and the Mirror Doctor What ending up on the AH.Com ship.

The Mirror Doctor What sabotages the AH.Com ship and the ship's A.I. LEO, but is knocked unconscious before he can take over the ship while the real Doctor What manages to escape from the Mirror ship by using the brillant ploy of shouting out 'Look! A naked Alyson Hannigan look-a-like! Bouncing on a trampoline!' on a group of Mirror crew attempting to capture him and escaping when all of them turn around to look.

Doctor What escapes to the AH.Com ship and is immediately captured by the AH.Com crew who are now faced with the prospect of having TWO Doctor Whats on board–and seemingly no way to tell them apart. Kit comes up with a plan to tell them apart and it succeeds. However, in the confusion, the Mirror Doctor escapes to the Mirror AH.Com ship.

A battle occurs between the two AH.Com ships and the Mirror Doctor What manages to sabotage the AH.Com ship once again. Mere seconds before the AH.Com is to be destroyed by a missile barrage from the Mirror AH.Com ship, all systems are reactivated thanks to the fortunous appearance of IronYuppie (and her sledgehammer). The AH.Com ship fights off the Mirror AH.Com ship and the Mirror AH.Com ship (with the Mirror Doctor What vowing revenge) escapes into another timeline before the AH.Com ship can follow.


The Mirror AH.Com ship and crew will make two more appearances, with the Mirror Doctor What appearing in a cameo role in THE SHIP SANK - DEAL WITH IT! and in the entire ship and crew appearing in GENDERBENDER MIRROR.


Space reserved for notes.

Behind the Scenes

Doctor What's first episode and the first episode of the The Series.

Easter Eggs

The title is based on the title of an Iron Butterfly song ('In the Garden of Eden') and the fact that virtually all 'Mirror Universe' episodes in Star Trek had the word 'Mirror' somewhere in their title.

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