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To quote the The Series episode “In da Gadda de Vita Through A Cracked Dark Mirror”, written by Doctor What:

LEO: Airships. The primary mode of travel on this world are airships. Multiple varieties. Big ones. Small ones. Cargo airships. Passenger airships. A huge assortment of models to choose from. There appears to be even a personal version available…

Airships are a topic of great controversy on

Most people agree, deep down in their little Final Fantasy loving hearts, that airships are the coolest thing since the trouser press. However, the frequency with which airships appear - despite the insurmountable practical issues regarding their actual usefulness in OTL - has led to a large scale backlash against the whales of the skies.

As things stand today on our grand forum, airships are a thing of fun, a way of saying “My timeline is not meant to be taken entirely seriously!”, only without actually saying it.

It is hoped that someday the airship lovers shall rise up and destroy those who currently hold the whip of realism on our forum.

GURPS writer and creator Kenneth Hite had this to say about the phenomennon in his article An Alternate-Historical Alphabet, published on January 14th, 2000 :

All Change Points, from Xerxes to the last presidential election, create worlds with clean, efficient Zeppelin traffic. Changing history may produce Zeppelins as an inevitable by-product, much as bombarding uranium produces gamma rays. Often, the quickest way to tell if you are in an Alternate History is to look up, rather than at a newspaper or encyclopedia. From this premise, it is not outside the realm of Plausibility that our history between 1900 and 1936 was, in fact, an Alternate History. It would, at least, explain a lot.

It soon became known as “Hite's Law”.

True to his word, of the twelve TLs featured in the two Alternate Earths book, several feature airships - Dixie, Reich-5, Gernsback, Cornwallis, Ming…

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