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Points of Divergence : South Africa

Points of divergence concerning alternate historical developments within the modern day territory of the Republic of South Africa.

OTL History Summary

Modern human beings have inhabited South Africa for more than 100,000 years. However, with the discovery of the Cape Sea Route, the Dutch East India Company founded a refreshment station at what would become Cape Town in 1652. Cape Town became a British colony in 1806. European settlement expanded during the 1820s as the Boers (original Dutch settlers) and the British 1820 Settlers claimed land in the north and east of the country. Conflicts arose between the original inhabitants of the land, the Xhosa and Zulu, and the new European settlers. However, the discovery of diamonds and later gold triggered the conflict known as the Anglo-Boer War as the Boers and the British fought for the control of South Africa's mineral wealth. Although the Boers were defeated, limited independence was given to South Africa in 1910 as a British dominion. Anti-British policies focused on ultimate independence which was achieved in 1961 when South Africa was declared a republic. The leading National Party legislated segregation known as apartheid despite opposition both in and outside of the country. In 1990 former president F.W. de Klerk began to dismantle this legislation, and in 1994 the first democratic election was held in South Africa. This election brought Nelson Mandela and the current ruling party, the African National Congress to power. (from Wikipedia)



The Middle Ages

Early Modern history

18th and 19th century : Prior to the Act of Union (1910)

20th century : After the Act of Union (1910)




More "Economic Tigers" (with a POD between 1945 and 1975)

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21st century

Plausibility check: Swaziland and Lesotho joining South Africa ?

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ASB / ISOT / Geological

OTL 1985 South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland are ISOTed to the same year in the Draka timeline

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