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Points of Divergence : Invention and development of aircraft

Points of divergence dealing with alternate developments of aviation and various types of aircraft. Entries in both POD sections are sorted as chronologically as possible.

General musings

This section lists PODs about general aircraft and aviation topics, including topics related to research and development, etc., etc. The list includes both civilian and military aircraft topics and is arranged in chronological order (with earliest PODs listed first).

WI the Nazca had really invented hot air ballons ?

Plausibility check: Renaissance flying machines ?

Plausibility check: Airship galleys ?

The Stringfellow and Henson Aerial Steam Carriage flies around 1850-ish

What is the earliest an airship could be built ?

What is the earliest an airplane could be built prior to 1903 ?

What would aeroplane use in the American Civil War be like ?

WI the first flight was by Ellehammer, before the Wrights ?

WI the test flight of the Flyer at Kitty Hawk is not successful ?

Could the invention of heavier than flight be delayed ?

Challenge: Delay aviation by 50 years

Musings on the military applications of zeppelins

How big can airplanes get ?

What would early 1900s aeroplanes sound like if they were powered by electric engines ?

No Italo-Turkish War of 1911

Roland Garros has worse engine trouble, crashes before reaching Bizerte

Bomber war in WWI and how to keep it going

Plausibility check: Naval guns on an airship ?

Aircraft developments if the first world war had dragged on a year or two longer

Twin hull flying boat designs

Solid state propulsion: A ramjet aircraft WI

DBWI: Airplaines used in civilian travel ? - A humorous double blind what if.

Alternatives to Heathrow Airport

WI Bessie Coleman doesn't die in 1926 ?

WI no Air Mail Scandal of 1930 ?

Alternate Aircraft Acquisitions

1930s-1940s alternate military aircraft

Challenge: 1930s/1940s air force on a budget

Alternative British fighter development in the 1930s

A better Fleet Air Arm ?

Plausibility check: Airborne refuelling before WWII

Less airpower in WWII

No German dive bombers in WWII

Ernst Udet dies 3 June 1936, Walther Wever does not

Build your own Luftwaffe

WI German carrier aircraft

More biplanes during WWII

Most sophisticated WWII biplane fighter possible

WI: Hawker Henley as a viable combat aircraft ?

Effect on the LW if the RAF does better in the Battle of Britain

WI the LW have R4M engines in 1943 ?

Possible uses for helicopters in WWII

More twin-boom aircraft (like the P-38 Lightning)

No jets

Challenge: Pulse jet powered fighters in WWII

Plausibility check: Nazis get jet fighters earlier

No Rolls Royce Nene engines sent accidentally to the USSR during WWII ?

WI: No Rolls-Royce Jet Engines for the USSR

Plausibility check: WWII British jet bombers

Plausibility check: Effective Germans SAMs by January 1944 ?

What if the War began in 1944? (Royal Navy in particular and RAF overall)

1946: Build your own air force

More improvised air forces ?

Plausibility check/Discussion: Best fighter for a developing country ?

Bombers, Rotordynes and a fistful of Buccaneers

Plausibility check: Sports aviation revival after the Second World War

Challenge: Make biplanes still prominent even after WWII

Commercial and military aviation without World War II

Competent post-war Air Ministry

Civilian jetliners of alternate history

Plausibility check: Transport autogyros

Challenge: British strategic bomber

UK missed aerospace opportunities

WI the German air force does not try to take the VTOL route in the 1950s/1960s

WI Lockheed were caught bribing governments earlier ?

WI: Canards and thrust vectoring adopted earlier

SSTs Become Popular

Challenge: Practical American SST

Challenge: Commercially Successful SST

Challenge: Majority-SST air transport with 1970s oil crises

Challenge: Pan Am Supersonic Transports and Space Clippers

Implications for aircraft development if Lt. Belenko doesn't defect

Challenge: Three major present day airliner manufacturers instead of two

Could the jetliner duopoly be avoided ?

The Brits getting a new long-range Bomber after the Falklands War

Plausibility check: A modern day British jet fighter (in the 1980s)

Plausibility check: Return to dogfighting

WI Iranian US Aircraft rebuilt by Russia

Plausibility check: Propeller aircraft carriers today ?

Challenge: Make fighters obsolete by 2100

ASB WI: ASBs abolish air power, nukes and submarines

ASB WI: No aviation in WWII

ASB WI/Plausibility check: ISOTing airliners converted to bombers to WWII

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

Specific aircraft models and situations

This section lists PODs about specific aircraft and engine models, specific events pertaining to their development, promotion and sales, etc., etc. The list includes both civilian and military aircraft and is arranged in chronological order (with earliest PODs listed first).

Thread about unrealized aircraft projects by country

Aircraft developments if the first world war had dragged on a year or two longer

Sopwith survives !

Twin hull flying boat designs

WI: Gloster's "Unnamed Fighter"

If the Hindenburg was using helium instead of hydrogen

Wolfram von Richthofen stays in technical branch

Plausibility check: Bombers as interceptors ?

Is early Griffon engine too boring and tedious ?

Airplanes with different engines and parts

Challenge: Replace the Bristol Blenheim much earlier

He 111 given more production capacity in 1939

Dornier 19 instead of FW 200

WI FW190C instead of D ?

A better Hawker Hurricane

Hawker Hurricane thin wing

British Sturmovik

A British P-38 equivalent

WI P-38 Lightnings in RAF service ?

The Junkers JU-88 as Nazi Germany's only medium bomber

WI faster Ju88 ?

Fw 190 in service 1940

P.59 project not cancelled in 1940 (Do335)

FW 187 instead of Bf 110

Bf110 not replaced by Me210

Fw187 in the Battle of Britain, Luftwaffe's P-51 ?

American airship fleet in WWII

No P-51 Mustang (and the impact of this fact on American bomber escorting)

Tallboy and Grand Slam bombs in use in 1943

WI: Germans produce R4M AA rockets earlier (1)

WI: Germans produce R4M AA rockets earlier (2)

Plausibility check: Feasibility of the Horten Ho229

Jet Engined Lancaster Bomber ?

American jet fighter developments in '44

Challenge: Keep the CAC CA-15 Kangaroo alive !

Civilian jetliners of alternate history

WI: No DH106 Comet

Would the de Havilland Comet not have been successful anyway ?

Plausibility check: How big could the Canadian aviation industry get ?

WI the CF-103 came first ?

WI The Avro Arrow entered service ? (1)

WI The Avro Arrow entered service ? (2)

Production run of Fairey Delta 2 ?

Fairey FD2/Mirage replacing the English Electric Lightning ?

WI: Soviets reverse-engineer B-52

Further or alternate names starting with "V" for DeHavilland built military jets ?

Better F-104

TSR-2 built and in service

TSR-2 lives again ?

Better F-104 Starfighter

WI West Germany buys the EE Lighting and not the F-104 ?

WI: B-70 Valkyrie enters Service

WI: F-108 Rapier enters service

Challenge and WI: The Dornier Do 31 enters serial production

WI the Mikoyan-Gurevich Ye-8 entered service

The Northrop F5 is a bigger success

Challenge: The F-4 Phantom is never designed

Possible other operators of the F-111

Challenge: Blackburn Buccaneer NATO Standard

Boeing C-5A Galaxy and 747 become one and only aircraft and the Lockheed L-2000 is a more workable design

WI the Concorde had Combination Engines ?

The Other Mirages

Other operators of the B-1 Lancer

Challenge: Ubiquitous Harriers (1)

Challenge: Ubiquitous Harriers (2)

Plausibility check: Which western fighter is the most effective against a MiG 21 ? (Draken, F-5 or modified Hunter ?)

Israeli military helicopter manufacturers ?

WI The Canadian Forces bought the F-14s ?

WI the F-16 Falcon lost in the contract bid of 1974 ?

WI: F-16 cancelled (1)

WI: F-16 cancelled (2)

WI: No F-16 Exports

Non-US designed Aircraft in servive with the USAF/USN/USMC

Challenge: Saab Viggen - NATO's Thunderbolt

Challenge: Have the Saab 37 Viggen as the West’s main fighter

Plausibility check: Bringing back the TSR-2 in the early 1980s ?

Challenge: F-18L more popular

Musings on a Bell Boeing V-22

No MV22 Osprey

Vulcan and Victor still in service ?

RAAF doesn't replace Mirage IIIs with FA-18 Hornets

WI no Eurofighter Typhoon ?

"Novi avion" vs. NATO aircraft plausibility/feasibility discussion

Soviet fighter development if the USSR had not collapsed

Saving the PZL 230 Skorpion

Plausibility check: Northrop F-23 in service in NATO and other nations

F-32 selected for the JSF Program

Challenge: Make the F-35 a success story

Challenge: Harrier replacement

A new B-52

Reusing famous aircraft names

Worst possible name for a combat aircraft

What are your country's "if-only" aeroplanes ?

Alternate warplanes of nations

Change a plane

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

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