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Points of Divergence : Transport and vehicles

This page deals primarily with PODs concerning vehicles in civilian use, land-based or water-based, unmotorised and motorised. For military vehicles and both civilian and military aircraft, please see their separate POD pages. For draught animals and beasts of burden, please see the agriculture PODs page.

Unmotorized land vehicles

Motor vehicles

WI: Internal combustion engine never invented, but electric and steam engines still exist

WI: Steam cars in the 18th century

Survival of the Steamer Car

WI: Ethanol vehicles the norm from early on ?

Alternate automotive layout developments ?

Highway system in a larger USA

Challenge: The privately-owned car remains seen as a "Rich men's toy"

Is it possible for electric cars to become the standard ?

WI the Ford Model T was electric ?

Alternate Motor Car company names

More Successful Auto Companies

WI: American Auto Wank

Challenge: Greater trolley coach (trolleybus) use today in North America

Plausibility check: Triple Decker Buses ?

Challenge: A Canadian car company (with a POD between 1900 and 1960)

WI: No lead gasoline

No Volkswagen Beetle

Alternate VW Beetles ?

North American aerospace/defense companies making cars ?

Could Tucker Automotive succeed ?

ATL vehicle-manufacturing industries in a non-Sovietized Hungary

Škoda in an independent Czechoslovakia or Czech Republic post-WWII

Challenge: East Block communist cars that are "good"

WI: Microcars more common

Challenge: Motor vehicles powered by turbine engines more widespread (since the 1950s/1960s)

Alternate silhouette for cars in 1950s USA

Challenge: Successful Chevrolet Corvair

No British Leyland

Challenge: Studebaker Survives the 1960s

General Motors alternate history

DBWI: Gasoline cars still used ?

WI the MGA Twin Cam engine was successful ?

British Leyland survives and thrives ?

WI Ford and Chrysler had merged in the 1980s ?

Bain Capital buys Ford in 1987

SAAB Automobile AB not sold to General Motors in the 1980s - Outcomes ?

Could the MGB sports car have been kept in production until the introduction of the MG RV8 in the early 1990s ?

A "What-If" British Motor Industry Scenario

Better Ford management of passenger car and minivan production in the 1990s

Hybrid cars in the 90s ?

WI: ZEV Mandate followed

Challenge: Oldsmobile survives

Driverless cars

Discussion on possible future developments of motor vehicles

Future of public transit ?

Future of roads if asphalt becomes no longer economically viable ?

Know of any PODs or POD discussions ? Feel free to add them.

For motorsport PODs, please see Points of Divergence : Motorsports.

Trains and railways

Ships and other vessels

Aerial transport and delivery

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