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Points of Divergence : Australia

Points of divergence concerning alternate historical developments within the modern day territory of Australia.

Australia is both a continent and a country, the only country to cover an entire continent and the only continent to be covered by one country. It is best known for its vast uninhabitable deserts, the hostile environment in most of the continent, its strange creatures, and its isolation from the rest of the world. In fact, it is so isolated, that it wasn't colonized until the late eighteenth century. It has quite a bit of AH potential, such as earlier/later discovery, colonization by a country other than Britain, etc.


For Want of A Yam - Discussion on Australian native plants that could have potentially become the basis of a native Australian agriculture (and later leads to the rise of agricultural civilizations on the continent). Started by Jared, this became the basis for his highly ambitious and increasingly famous project, Lands of Red and Gold.

Discussion/TL about Australian aboriginies inventing agriculture

More aborigines in Australia

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Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Early Modern history

18th and 19th century

20th century

21st century

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ASB / ISOT / Geological

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