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The Philippines

Nothing. Just a collection of islands that sends hordes of Filipino workers everywhere in the US in the pretext that their families need money but in reality were spies for the Philippine Government (the money is a good bonus though).

Formerly a Spanish colony, was briefly occupied by British forces during the Seven Years' War, but returned to Spain and the situation only changed after it became an American colony after the Spanish-American War. The Americans eventually granted the Philippines independence after a long underground insurgency. During the Second World War, it was the site of the infamous March of Death (or, the Bataan Death March), in which the Japanese marched Filipino and US prisoners of war across the island of Luzon without food or rest. Some have attacked the Americans' commander, General MacArthur, for leaving the islands in order to escape capture. For a time after the War, the country was actually second to Japan, until “Pinoy Politics” (and the Marcoses) finally caught up.

Also home to possibly the most pointless and long-running communist insurgency ever.

The Philippines in Alternate History

However, in Alternate History (and maybe sometimes in Future History, too) the islands usually become Japanese nonetheless. Often already way before any Meiji Restoration, see the cliché about premodern Japan as a great power. Sometimes (particularly in local discussions), it's the Chinese and/or Koreans who get the islands.


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