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A Filipino-American board member from the state of Maryland (Germantown, Montgomery Cty. to be precise).

Is a HUGE fan of Isabella G.-S. and Hannah W.. So much so, that he even established a discussion thread to discuss the duo.

Favorite TL points

  • A Philippines colonized by either the Celtic nations (Ireland, Scotland, etc.) or Catalonia
  • Independent Catalonia or some unified Catalan-Occitan entity.
  • More Romance languages (especially Anglo-Romance, Slavo-Romance, Uralo-Romance, and Altaio-Romance langugaes)


  • Rebirth of Nationalism - A Future History-ish TL based on Vexacus's (closed) TL “Japan and the Island Wars”, covering the rise and fall of ultranationalism/fascism from 2014 (with the onset of the First Island War) to 2028 (with the fall of Russian President Vladimir Zhirinovsky): Link. (since dead-ish)

In Addition, he has contributed to a number of TLs, including…

  • The Future is Now - Another Future History TL (albeit a collaborative one). Is a noted contributor there. Link.

In Fiction

In Enterprise, the eponymous recurring character of GIAN is the Grand Vizier of the Glorious Pinoy Empire, from a timeline with a Philippines hyperpower. GIAN, the two Filipino co-empresses and their imperial entourage are newly-found allies and sponsors of The Hub.

Favorite Image

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