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Francisco Cojuanco

An immigrant of Filipino descent residing in Riverside, California, and general lurker/pain in the ass/loyal opposition/contributor. Usually tends to focus on 50's-60's American politics, the period between the birth of Henry VII and the French Revolution, and the clusterfuck that is anything right of Eisenhower today.

Politics: FC would describe himself as a moderate Republican with definite Christian Democratic/Postwar Consensus Tory tendencies. Card-carrying member of the Republican Party, and was active in his local chapter until he found employment. Has conservative views on social issues and economically centrist views on almost everything else. Still, what exactly he is considered to be depends on who you talk to. A declared enemy of Tea Partiers almost everywhere, though he does except his former Congressman, who did a lot for his district and is more Establishmentarian in substance if not in style. Tends to be most engaged in debates on the role of the Catholic Church in society, especially if either Hendryk is around or it involves the Philippines or California.

Previously employed in a Republican Congressional campaign.

Religion: A Church-on-Sunday, Fish-on-Friday, Option-for-the-Poor Catholic, which informs much of his general political outlook. Tended to like the Pope Benedict XVI, though wishes said Pope realized more often that he wasn't a university professor anymore. Despises Sedevacantism and in the past much of the lay Catholic intelligentsia as sellouts to Calvinistic or anticlerical tendencies, depending on who's talking; things have improved somewhat, perhaps due to the election of Pope Francis.


1) The Tea Party Is Not A Unified Movement; There Are No True Overall Leaders, And Those Who Are Delude Themselves.

2) American Political Parties Are More Collections Of Local Factions Than Parties In The European Sense; What Texan Democrats Do Does Not Necessarily Mean Anything For California Other Than A Human Interest Story.

3) Race, Ethnicity and Many Aspects Of Religious CustomzAre Social Constructs.

4) Even The Grey Lady Stumbles On Occasion; FOX, MSNBC And Tabloids Stumble Often.

5) America Is A Moderate Nation; The Party Which Exploits This Fact Wins.

6) There Is A Special Place In Hell Reserved For Fundamentalist Pastors.

7) There Is No License To Act Like An A–hole In A Debate, Ever.

8) OutTrads Are Protestants In Denial, Or They Would Have Kissed Up To Rome Long Ago.

9) Pissing Off The Catholic Church In The Philippines Is A Bad Idea, No Matter Who Does It. You Want Proof, See 1986 And 2001.

10) Protesters Are Useful, But Take Anything They Say With A Grain Of Salt.

11) Everything's Worse With Fire Hoses.

12) Rick Santorum Is Not That Conservative, Once You Disregard His Views On Social Issues.

13) Rick Perry Talks Like A Tea Partier But Governs Like A Conventional Conservative.

14) Humanae Vitae Does Not Work That Way.

15) Everything's Better With Jesuits.

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