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A Canadian member of the board (of Filipino descent), joined in June 2011. He is known for his decent knowledge on Slavic and Asian history. Despite the name, MarshalBraginsky is not from any Slavic country at all, but from SE Asia. Lately he's been doing experimental scenarios, especially with maps.

He was banned by Ian in September 2014 for launching into an insane, near-incoherent rant about the virtues of authoritarian rule and how "democracy is the true enemy".


1) Once Upon a December: A Different Decembrist Russia - A rather unusual TL where Grand Duke Constantine takes the throne after Nicholas Pavlovich is sent to Europe on the Coalition's campaign against Napoleon and gets killed. It revolves around Pavel Pestel, who is known as the father of Russian radical republicanism.

2) Ivangorod Prosperous - Another Russia-centric TL, this time with a PoD around 1547 (or earlier) There are two versions, but the second version has three different PoDs. One is that Henry VIII's stillborn son survives as Richard IV, butterflying Elizabeth's reign as Queen since she is sent to Muscovy as the new bride of Tsar Ivan IV. Two is that the Zakharyin family is killed during a Tatar raid, leaving Anastasia Zakharyina (OTL Anastasia Romanova) to live among the Don Cossacks and marries Yermak, and the final PoD is that Hans Schlitte's 100 German builders make it into Ivangorod instead of being caught at the port of Lubeck like IOTL. This TL is also known for trying out unusual ideas, like an England that never becomes an empire, resulting in a much luckier Spanish and Swedish Empires in North America and a more Easternized Russia with Pacific colonies.

3) The Red Baron's Mitteleuropa: The first non-Russia-centric TL (but work is in progress) involving the survival of Manfred von Richthofen in the Western Front (but Adolf Hitler and Hermann Goering both get killed in the same day) and his rise as the unlikely leader of Germany. This TL is supposed to focus more on Germany and an intact Kingdom of Yugoslavia, but recently Bulgaria has been stealing the spotlight.

4) Thunder from the Danube - A First Bulgarian TL: The second non-Russia-centric TL but the first TL to feature a nation often neglected in the entire website: the First Bulgarian Empire. Basically, the PoD is Vladimir-Rasate dies during the 854 Bulgarian Invasion of Serbia, leading to a much different Christianization of Bulgaria and even dragging Croatia into the Byzantine sphere of influence. It is also known for a different route the Byzantine Empire takes when it comes to expansion.

5) How We Define Paradise or Desolation - An Alternate History of the Cold War: Stalin has a fatal heart attack only a few months after V-E Day, leading to a minor power struggle that saw Anastas Mikoyan emerge as the leader of the USSR. However, Mikoyan's regime goes from bad to worse when his attempts to give Nagorno-Karabagh and Nakhichevan to the Armenian SSR leads to an internal strife involving the Azeris and the world teeters towards a new world war, only a few years after World War Two ended.

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