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Regular Finn Hambone

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The short biography – Viel Puenteblanca or R.F.H. is a cheery Filipino member of the board, with a famously playful sense of humor. Loves various cartoon series.

The longer biography – Born in Alabang but grew up at the heart of Cavite in Trece Martires City, Viel possesses a hard personality though not necessarily harmful, he does have a serious demeanor and a rather short temper fuse that can easily go out when surrounded by people who either do poorly or goof around. He does have a playful sense of humor, though…

With a full name that means Conqueror that God has healed of the White Bridge, and as a believer, he is passionate and devoted to anyone who thinks alike on becoming successful in life someday. It is obvious that he is a very serious person and even if he commonly appears to be bossy, he really has faith in anyone's abilities.

Currently in the last days of college, and as enjoying the “perks” of being a senpai (Japanese for senior/upperclassman) and a regular dude who never forgets to relax and enjoy himself whenever there's time, he likes to be anywhere as long as there's places to sit on, and also when there's free Wi-Fi…

You may call him a geek/nerd, since he loves various cartoon and anime series. An avid TransFormers (Especially Optimus Prime) fan since 5. An otaku as well, with Kuroko no Basuke (He can see himself in the person of supporting character Yukio Kasamatsu), Shingeki no Kyojin (Wishes to “ride” in lead character Eren Jaeger's shoulder, that is, when he's a Titan) and Free! Iwatobi Swim Club (A Makoto Tachibana fanboy) currently on his head. He may also find other shows that he might find interesting, thanks to his “higher level” otaku girl cousin's updates/news/suggestions.

He likes to occupy himself with profound, if not interesting things, ideas and other figments of imagination, and as stated, he doesn't mind being called a geek, nerd or even a freak/weirdo, since he lets haters hate all they want. And usually, to him, they're nothing but sore loser Titans.

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