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British board member from Scotland. Joined in February 2011.

Self-described “Directional-sword-mine-fellow”, Claymore is a member of the British Armed Forces and has an interest in modern military history, particularly military vehicle designs.


Given Claymore's interest in studying historical military vehicles, model kits of said vehicles and speculating about their possible alternate history designs, his major contribution to have been his discussion threads for discussing and showcasing model kits of such speculative ATL hardware.

Alterntive History Armoured Fighting Vehicles - The original discussion thread for ATL military vehicle model kits. Ran from November 2011 until June 2015 and was superceded by a sequel thread.

Alternative History Armoured Fighting Vehicles Part 2 - The continuation of the first discussion thread, started in June 2015 and still ongoing.

Completed AH AFV Models - A showcase-only thread, spun off from the main model kit discussion thread in February 2013. Here you can view the completed AH-themed model kits discussed and worked on by Claymore and others in the main discussion thread.

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