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Scottish member FletcherOfSaltoun, more commonly known as 'Fletch' or 'The guy who claims to live on Saturn because he's ashamed of Scotland', is a much beloved poster and long term member of 'The Scottish Mafia' which for so long dominated British thought on the board before its fiery end in 2011 when people realised Scotland was where the SNP was from.

Alleged to be an escaped Nationalist lab experiment from 1978 in an effort to create the perfect political candidate, Fletch has the disturbing ability to reflect any and all ideologies at once whilst talking Scotland up down and shaking it all around. Swearing vengeance against his lab replacement, Alex Salmond, Fletch joined every single political party in Britain, including the SNP, to crush his nemesis. The owner of the Nigerian lottery, and supporter of many causes which will come to nothing. Fletcher is's only St.Johnstone football club fan.

As various discussions in Political Chat have proved, he is a diehard supporter of Labour, the Conservatives, the Scottish National Party and indeed every political party in Scotland.

In June 2015, Fletch decided to leave on an indefinite hiatus. He came back a month later, having learned how difficult it is to escape He decided leaving the Labour Party would be easier so he did that instead, and then joined the Lib Dems.


He is well known for starting timelines but rarely finishing them. An exception to this may be found with his timeline New Britain. One day he will complete another.

Some of his timelines:

Halifax - A timeline that aptly proves why “Halifax the Surrender Monkey” is a trite alternate history cliché.

What Shape Is the Ball ? - An alternate history of the Welsh Football League, with a 19th century POD.

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