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The Kitjedi Knights are an order of Innuendo-using spiritual warriors in the Wars universe. Obviously a ripoff of the Jedi, the name comes from the fact that Kit's name used to be kitjed23 and he is still referred to as such in the Wars continuity to avoid confusion.

Unlike the Jedi, the Kitjedi are still led by their founder, Kitjed, as (like the Doctor, a reference that the real Kit is acquainted with the Doctor Who production team) he can regenerate into new bodies. As of the first film is is Kitjed21, while at the end of the series he has regenerated three times to become Kitjed24.

The Kitjedi's chief weapon is the Sexsword, a gentle phallic parody of the lightsaber. As this had already been done in Spaceballs, Thande tried to make it more original by suggesting that, unlike lightsabers which are simple devices, Sexsword blades were actually the expression of the Innuendo power in an individual and could only be used by Innuendo-using people. However this idea appears to have been dropped. When activated, Sexsword energy blades initially 'droop limply' and only become straight and rigid when the Kitjedi concentrates. The blades are pink in colour for Kitjedi and green for 'Straight Side' users.

The Kitjedi are opposed by the Straight Side-using Miffed, a parody of the Sith.

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