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Imajin Organization (IMAJIN)

The International Multifaceted Althistory Joint Interest New (IMAJIN) Party was founded by Imajin as a variation of the Democratic Liberation People's Monarchist Party to contest the 2007 elections. It won no seats in that election and did not participate in the 2008 General Elections. In March 2009, the Imajin renamed the party - now the International Majestic Alliance for Justice, Interest, and Neo-Imajinism - and registered to participate in the 2009 Landsraad Special Election. However, in a “shocking” turn of events a few days later, Imajin got bored of the idea, purged the party, and announced his support for the Escutcheonists. In April of 2009, the Imajin Organization was revealed and claimed by Imajin as the sole legitimate successor to the IMAJIN Party and the DPLMP, though whether it plans to act as a legitimate political party is not known, and Imajin has not renounced his membership with the Escutcheonists. However, it must be admitted that nobody actually cares, as the initial DLPMP platform of creating an nobility has mostly been fulfilled by the Peerages, and the party or organization has yet to come up with a compelling issue.

Positions Advocated

Actions of the Imajin Organization

2007 Manifesto

This manifesto was drafted by the International Multifaceted Althistory Joint Interest New Party in 2007, and has not been confirmed or denied as still holding as the legitimate ideology of the party.

The ideology of the International Multifaceted Althistory Joint Interest New Party, henceforth referred to as the “Party”, is Neo-Liberation Monarchist, Third Revision, Subclause Eight, henceforth referred to as the “Ideology”. The “Ideology” serves to succeed where other forms of Communism and Socialism have failed under the position that the left/right spectrum of politics is not a straight line, but a circle.

Therefore, logic and the “Ideology” state that since approaching Communism or Socialism from the left does not work, it must be approached from the right. As the right wing bifurcates into a number of branches, i.e. Absolutism, Classic Conservativism, Neoconservativism, Fascism, Nationalism, Et Ceterism, one branch must be focused on for the most direct right-wing path to the Liberation of the Workers. It is clear from the work of the experts of the “Party” that this is Absolute Monarchism.

Therefore, the “Party”, in keeping with the “Ideology”, shall make it it's job, nay, it's duty, to return the social structure to that of the medieval times, and to keep pushing back that clock to it's logical conclusion, the liberation of the working class and public ownership of the means of production. Only by making the workers feudal peasants shall they be liberated!

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