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Escutcheonist Party (ESP)

An political party established by Maharajah to contest the Landsraad Special Elections to be held on March 21, 2009. Although their registration was not initially accepted, it was finally registered after Count Ofaloaf of Huron joined. The EP formed a coalition with the Federalist Federation of Federalists for the Alsace-Lorraine Vicariate Estates election of 2009, winning one seat, which was given to Imajin. The coaliton with the FFF continued for the General Election of 2009, in which the ESP won two seats in the Lower House (given to Imperial Vienna and Ben Karnell) and one in the Landsraad (Maharajah, Rajah of the New Edenland).

2009 Party Manifesto

To sum it up in not too many words…

1. We support the creation of an emblem for, preferably an armorial achievement in the proper heraldic style, for use on passports (which we also support) and other things which could use an emblem. The party gets its name from this principle, for the armorial shield is often called the “escutcheon”.

2. We support teaching new users (whether or not they are actual n00bs) good nabits, such as saving maps in .png format, making your borders one pixel thick, and using proper grammar and spelling, among other things.

3. We support the preservation and popularization of historical and alternate states and their respective cultures, whether they be the Abbasid Caliphate or the Kingdom of Ayutthaya.

4. We support the Byzantine Empire specifically, and we shall work to protect its greatest work, the Hagia Sophia, (or the Ayasofya for the Ottoman supporters among us) from the dangers of neglect, earthquakes, and Islamic calligraphy that covers up pretty mosaics.

5. We support the legitimate government fully, and we shall work to defeat those who wish to tear it down and institute anarchy and lawlessness.

Party Emblems

The Escutcheonist Party currently has a coat of arms, a civil flag, and a war flag.


Maharajah (Party Chairman)

Ofaloaf (Official Powerhungry Noble)

Padur Karil



ImperialVienna (Party Grumpy Old Reactionary)


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