The Empire Parnell Built

Ireland: 1915 election
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Map: Africa 1918
A quick and dirty map of Africa after the Treaty of Lemberg ended the Wilhelmite Wars. I got the labelling of French West Africa and French Algeria the wrong way round but everything else should be correct. As you can see, the negotiations at Lemberg were also a good opportunity for the British and the Germans to make some minor fiddling with the borders of Kamerun and Togoland.

As a minor point, the territories listed below as Accra and Lagos are formally governed as the single Gold Coast Colony but they are de facto administered separately for obvious practical reasons.

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I'm wondering how long the IPP is going to last for, until it eventually splinters.
This is Irish politics - bloody mindedness and history goes a long way...

More seriously, though, I think the "X party split over Y issue so Z party replaced them" is a bit overblown as for how parties fall apart. For example, when thinking about the decline of the Liberals in the OTL 10s and 20s, I think it's more relevant that, as soon as you have universal male suffrage, Labour just comes along and eats their lunch in terms of voters and finances. And, bear in mind, TTL's Ireland (and the British Empire) doesn't have the same kind of fiscal, political and cultural pressures as OTL and so Britain, Ireland and India remain some way short of universal suffrage.
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So the British didn't stop Portugal from getting the pink map TTL? Guess that means they valued the alliance more then.
The British didn't so much value the alliance as were governed by more traditional Liberals who were less interested in imperial adventurism and didn't see any harm in letting the friendly Portuguese have notional control over portions of inner Africa. At this time the government was having its own troubles with the Boers and settlers in South Africa anyway and, if anything valuable is found north of the Zambezi, it'll be British companies in prime position to exploit those resources anyway.

That being said, this 'surrender' to Portuguese interests did stimulate internal opposition within the Liberals which ended up with Rosebery and the Liberal Imperialists taking over the top of the party in the 1890s.
Palestine: Fall of the Ottoman Empire (1916-1923)
And this wraps up what I think of as the First Act of this TL. As some of you who remember ASSM might recognise, I like to make a few small changes and then follow OTL for a while before things snowball away. I'm going to be on holiday for the next two weeks but will probably be able to continue posting but thought I'd up the pace today and yesterday in case I don't. maps of Eastern Europe and the Middle East will follow at some point soon.

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The Nineteenth Amendment mentions that it only gives the franchise to "certain" women.

I have to ask which women?
Much like the OTL 19th amendment, in theory all women were enfranchised but in practice state governments found various ways of stopping non-white women from voting for several decades.