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Starships and Technologies of Wars

Again, the original Star Wars version is in brackets.

political Downtrodden underclass of the Internet (droid)

Sexsword Weapon of a Kitjedi (lightsaber)

Century Hawk - Floid and Chewy's ship, a Sudanases light freighter. (Millennium Falcon)

Bacofoil - Queen IronYuppie's personal transport (the Naboo royal ship)

Sex-Wing - a Rebel fighter (X-Wing)

Bi-Wing - Rebel fighter-bomber (Y-Wing)

Gay-Wing - Rebel fighter (A-Wing)

DoubleD-Wing - Rebel bomber (B-Wing)

Thai fighter - Imperial fighter (TIE fighter)

Siamese bomber - see Thai fighter.

Imperial Thread Destroyer - mainstay of the Imperial fleet. Those featured include the Flamewar, American Politics, Quoting Wikipedia, God Moding, Gratuitous Insult and Bigotry. They are appropriately named for things which can destroy threads. (Imperial Star Destroyer)

Uber Thread Destroyer - even larger Imperial ship. The only one featured was the Overcompensator, the flagship of Darth Gaydar.

Republican Thread Destroyer - predecessor of the Imperial Thread Destroyer and named by the same scheme. Some RTDs to feature are the Google Is Your Friend, Kill Claimer, Baldie's Transsexual Experience, European Nationalism and 80s Nostalgia.

Implausible Thande - the Confederate flagship.

Yer Lasagne cruiser - starships built by the Yer Lasagne race. The only ones named were the Away Nil, the Liberace and the De Fiancé. (Mon Calamari cruiser)

Death Tsar - Imperial battle station.

Death's Tar - another Imperial battle station.

Douméd - Republic diplomatic cruiser, the name being a pun on 'Doomed'.

Fried Egg Ship - Ships used by the World Trade Organisation. The only one named was the flagship Cholesterol. (Trade Federation ship)

Alankey Fighter - Najoiseyian fighter (N-1 starfighter)

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