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Death's Tar

An Imperial battle station in Wars. After the destruction of the Death Tsar, the Empire constructed an even more lethal station in orbit of the planet/moon Witchof. This time, Darth Gaydar ensured that his designers did not make a spelling error when it came to choosing the name of the station, but instead they made a grocer's apostrophe. Thus the station was shaped like the figure of Death - skeleton and scythe - covetously clutching a massive drum of Tar.

The Emperor (Grimm Reaper) had his Impressive Throne Room with a shaft down to the freakin' reactor core, whatever happened to Health and Safety?! at the top of the scythe.

The Death's Tar was destroyed when Sir Patrick Moore redirected its Witchof-based shield generator and then Domino Novussian and Hermanubis destroyed its power core. The debris raining down on Witchof set fire to the forests and burned alive all the native Furries who had not already been killed by the Imperials, leading to a lot of Rebel barbecues.

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