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In Wars, “politicals” replace droids of the Star Wars setting. Their precise nature is not specified but they appear to be humans who are created from scratch out of parts, like the film version of Frankenstein's monster, and then cybernetically augmented into cyborgs.

The use of this (aside from the fact that it let us have the politically bickering Leo Caesius and Paul Spring appear as C-3PO and R2-D2) is due to Thande's personal belief that political argument on Internet forums never changes anyone's opinions and only leads to tempers being raised and people saying things in the heat of the moment that gets them banned. Therefore anyone who uses the forum purely for political argumentation is looked down upon, treated as sub-human in the Wars-verse. This is largely based on the Yorkshire tradition of deep contempt for those who hold strong political views (see Sargon).

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