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The Thandrix

Season: 4

Episode: 15

Written by: Analytical Engine

Air date: November 9, 2008

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The AH.commers arrive to a world where they find there are people on it, but something seems strange. A ship arrives and attacks them, but is chased off by a second vessel, the second vessel then begins firing upon the ship. A beam is shot out nad the AH.commers are knocked unconscious.

Upon waking up, the AH.commers find themselves in a strange city and places, separated from one another, but in small groups. everywhere they go they are chased and attacked by robots and strange suited men.

Doctor What and most of the AH.commers are rescued and brought toa hidden bunker where they find out what is happening. They are in a simulated world where machines are battling it out on the future fate of humanity.

Doc and half the crew decide to stay in the world and rescue the remainder of the crew, while the other half return back to the real world.

The AH.commers arrive to a massive fight taking place between Alt. Thande and Agent Dark. Agent Dark is defeated, but he is suddenly transformed into Mike Collins who seeks to rule the world.

Alternate Thande defeats Mike Collins and the AH.commers rescue their captured crew members.


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Behind the Scenes

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Easter Eggs

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