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Rognvald is a member of the board who joined on the 13th of September, 2011. He was formerly known as “Enclave”. Under the Enclave name, he was mostly known to hang out in the Shared Worlds section of the board, with a few scattered trips to the Writer’s Forum to post fiction. Now, however, Rognvald is most active in Pre-1900, and rarely pokes his head into Shared Worlds.

Rognvald has had two hiatuses from the board; one was a two year fishing trip from 2013 to 2015; the other was from late 2015 to mid-2018, when he was caught up with life.

He is best known for his Pre-1900 timeline “The Legacy of St. Brendan”, which has been recieved with surprising acclaim. He won the Turtledove Award for “Best Medieval Timeline” and “Best POD” for his efforts with it.


In his Enclave days, he tended to make exclamations using Norse God's names, such as “By Odin”, “Odin damn it!”, and “Ye Gods!” He has since grown out of that habit.

Rognvald, as his username probably indicates, has a habit of focusing on PODs involving the Norse.


Some of his works on the Writer's Forum include:

“For Hoomanity”- A Science Fiction story where humanity was conquered by a massive intergalactic Empire in the Victorian age. Humans were referred to as “Hoomans”, due to an inability of the aliens to spell things abstractly. It also had the novel idea of a tiered system of races, where races in the Empire were advanced and demoted based on their actions within the Empire, with each tier having it's advantages. (Abandoned)

“Culture of a Medieval America”- The earth's technological history is shifted back, and the United States recieves it's independance from Britain using swords and pikes. (Abandoned)

“The Essays: A Counterfactual Series”: An experimental effort, comprised of brief (five pages double-spaced, generally) counterfactual scenarios, with each essay in a series dealing with different facets of the same event. (On Hold)

His efforts in Pre-1900 include:

“High in Erin Sang the Sword”- The Viking warrior Brodir triumphs over Brian Boru at Clontarf, and a vicious struggle for the High Kingship of Ireland ensues. Was novelly written alternatively in the style of the Irish monastic chroniclers and the old Norse sagas. (Completed)

“Beyond Særkland: The Journey to Drekigarthr”: A creative take on the little known voyage of Yngvarr the Far-Traveler to Central Asia. Was mainly written from the point of view of several characters, including a young Harald Hardrada. However, that style made it difficult for the author to keep up with updates, and it ended with a quick summary during the midst of Rognvald’s second hiatus from the site. (Completed)

“The Legacy of St. Brendan: A History of the Western Hemisphere, from 512 to the Present Day”: The Irish monk St. Brendan is blown off course by a storm and lands in the New World centuries before any Viking. A succession of Irish fur trappers, Briton princelings, and Nordic warlords compete for control, while the Native Americans develop resistance to European disease and gain European technology. Won the 2019 Turtledove for Best Medieval Timeline and Best Point of Difference. (Completed)

Meanwhile, in Post-1900:

“We Shall Go On To the End”: Was a exploration of an alternate, yet very similar, World War Two. (Abandoned)

“I’m A Friend of Jimmy Hoffa”: An exploration of America’s most notorious union leader, in the context of an America which fell to a socialist revolution. (Abandoned)


Was banned in early July 2014, in the middle of a two-year-long fishing trip, after HeavyWeaponsGuy was banned and Rognvald was found to be his sockpuppet. Upon returning from said fishing trip, however, Rognvald was able to prove he was his own person and he was reinstated.

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