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Rognvald is a member of the board who joined on the 13th of September, 2011. He was formerly known as “Enclave” and was mostly known to hang around the Shared Worlds portion of the board, though he had been known to make forays into the Writer's Forum to post fiction.

He is a Mormon. His political views are unknown, but most likely moderate, as his Grassroots Party during a short lived campaign in Shared Worlds shared characteristics of both conservative and liberal beliefs. His response on the “I'm Trying to Make a Better Political Compass Thing” in Chat did not clarify his beliefs at all, either, leaving the general consensus that he is a moderate.

Was banned in early July 2014, in the middle of a two-year-long fishing trip, after HeavyWeaponsGuy was banned and Rognvald was found to be his sockpuppet. Upon returning from said fishing trip, however, Rognvald was able to prove he was his own person and he was reinstated.

He may or may not be a Viking Skald from 11th century Norvegr sent through a time warp. We just do not know.

He is currently working on an extended project of various Norse timelines with obscure PoDs, beginning with Yngvarr the Far-Travelled.

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