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Thread Hijackings

Here's a good example, starting with Grimm Reaper posting “How to Give a Cat a Pill” and developing into plans for war against Jämtland.

mowque:Stick it in some hamburger? Why you giving pills to a cat anyway?

Roberto:You're really good at being clueless. You lure them in with an innocent question, then follow it up with a more clueless question that will slightly challenge them or their sensibilities, prompting your victims into explaining everyday things to you. Just call me when you have trouble with chewing, I'll be happy to help you out.

Thande:Does this now place Mowque's pre-ISOT home time of origin before the domestication of the cat? That's, what, about 7500 BC?

Roberto:I'd put his pre-ISOT home time of origin right before his act of getting people to explain everything to him got old- oh wait, such a time never existed. I guess he's a chronal anomaly, then.

Steffen:The world needs a new pair of superheroes: Captain Obvious & Cluelessboy.

mowque:I really hate super-heroes…..

elle-jay:I was voted “Most Likely to Become a Superhero” in high school. Just thought I should share.

MrP:I remember feeling annoyed I wasn't named funniest bloke. However, the fella who was has since become a professional comedian, so everyone else was right, it seems. Most of his hair's fallen out, too.

elle-jay:I was also “Most Likely to Become a Stand-Up Comedian”

TheDarkMessiah:I think I got “most likely to rob a bank” and also came second in “most likely to live on the streets”.

I pretty much tried to win everything though (including hottest girl) but most people took it all a tad more seriously than me.

Steffen:I got “most likely to become Chancellor” and “most likely to become a millionaire”.

And I led “going to be shot by enemies” by the largest margin

Susano:Heh, so did I.

*takes out abitur journal* Ah, also greatest chaot with nearly 80%, “seeks confrontation with teachers the most” with 75% and the question of the worst handwriting was even worded “Who can compete with <Susano> for worst handwriting”, with a result of 20% being “none”

Thande:The 2038 German election is going to be interesting

Patriot:Their presence here will doom the both of them.

Thande:By 2038, all political hopefuls will have done something embarrassing on the internet that Google will have archived, so it'll be a level playing field again.

LordInsane:It is the year 2038, and the world is aflame with civil wars. The United States' War of Three Presidents, Two Lord Protectors and One Emperor is still raging. Germany is suffering a four-way civil war as secessionists both south and north are fighting a war with unionists both left and right. Sweden's new dictatorial regime under the mysterious Admiral have, so far, failed to reconquer the provinces that seceded following the Last Election of 2034…

Ynnead:This why people who write FH fiction should not be allowed to run for office.

LordInsane:Well, some of us might have more immediate reasons for why we shouldn't be allowed to run for office, like wanting to dissolve the polity that would likely be the one the office is for, and the like…

charl:Well you could presumably organise and run a secessionist party in your län if you'd like. If you actually achieved a good majority of votes the Swedish government is liable to let you go, as for one thing we don't have enough armed forces to attempt to invade anything, even ourselves.

LordInsane:Oh, South Viken - even Greater South Viken, at that - would have no chance against the Swedish Forces of Oppression*. Airpower is too important these days. Thus, the need to put things down a few pegs more (plus, I don't want any of my relatives to live in Sweden, rump or otherwise). Besides, I need to make Sweden into an anarchic patchwork of minor states anyhow: how else is I to get the opportunity to go to war with Jämtland?

* Certainly not if the Admiral came to power in Sweden.

charl:We all want to go to war with Jämtland, and due to their tinpot republic secessionist thing going on maybe we could… hmm…

I have to go write a suggestion letter to send to Reinfeld now. A popular war is just what the Alliance needs to win the election, and no one really likes Jämtland anyway. It's a win-win situation. Well, except for the “another four years of bourgeois rule” thing.

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