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Resident obnoxiously loud Swede. Originally found via tv tropes and The Series. Not very notable, but working towards it.

He is the founder and a follower of Inebriationism, an off-shot of Vodkaism, which states that intoxication (no matter source) can solve all problems. He is also a Discordian.

RGB is charl's official nemesis, and one day he shall defeat him.

charl is bisexual. Somehow this fact doesn't seem to register with a lot of people, much like his username's (lack of) capitalization, no matter how often it is mentioned.


Has so far not written any TLs, but he plans to one day. He once started a timeline called The Ancients Return (An ASB timeline), but it is now abandoned.

he was also the host and one of the founders of the first iteration of the Podcast.

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