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Patriot (formerly Andrew C.) is a Marylander member of, joining on the December 23rd, 2008.

General stuff

He is a former member of both the Fascist Fascist Bastard Fascist Party and The Kralltonic Order after joining during the Congress Party merger. He is a militant and fervant supporter of the FFBFP. He has wrtten one story, “The End,” and is in the process of writing another one, “It Pierced the Air.” He is planning on writing yet another one, which will be science fiction-themed. He pretty much exclusively resides in the Off-Topic forum, but occasionally venturing into the Discussion forums.


He is a frequent contributer to political threads, especially those concerning the U.S. He has, on several occasions he has somewhat heated debates: Stalin's Pipe Organs, about torture and his promotion of atheism as State Religion; General Mung Beans, again on torture; Abdul Hadi Pasha, on the merits of the term “Semi-Fascist”; and several others he can't remember at the moment… He describes himself as “Center-Left,” more liberal on social issues and more moderate on economic ones.

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