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The Term Limits Bill of 2009

Term Limits was one of three bills written by Vice President LightInfa (FFF) as part of his “democracy reform” suite. The bill was introduced to Parliament by oakvale on August 18, 2009. Prime Minister maverick took the bill off the table when debate grew too contentious. He reintroduced it on September 1 together with the Appointee Confirmation Bill. Term Limits was the only bill of the three not to pass Parliament, because MP Jimbrock (FFF) broke party lines to vote against it. The bill died when it failed to attract the necessary 8-vote majority after one week's time.

Text of the Bill

WHEREAS the government currently places no term limits on the President and;

WHEREAS term limits are an essential check on an ambitious executive and;

WHEREAS a regular cycling of new presidents will keep the bureaucracy fresh and prevent corruption from becoming too entrenched:

ARTICLE I A member serving as President of may not be elected for a consecutive term after being elected for one term.

ARTICLE II A member who has served as President of may be elected to another non-consecutive term though.

ARTICLE III If any party nominates the member serving as president for a consecutive term, the Electoral Officer shall not place him on the ballot.

ARTICLE IV A member serving as President of may not be chosen as Vice President by the President succeeding him.


First Introduction

Voted Aye

Krall (BWS), Susano (FFF), Don Giorgio (FFF), Jimbrock (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), oakvale (Ind) (6)

Voted Nay

Douglas (E), maverick (E), lothaw (E), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (4)

Second Introduction

Voted Aye

Krall (BWS), Susano (FFF), Don Giorgio (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), ImperialVienna (ESP), Iori (DISPPR), oakvale (Ind) (7)

Voted Nay

maverick (E), Douglas (E), Paladin (E), Jimbrock (FFF), Communist Wizard (BBP), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (6)

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