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The Appointee Confirmation Bill of 2009

Appointee Confirmation was one of three bills written by Vice President LightInfa (FFF) as part of his “democracy reform” suite. The bill was introduced to Parliament by oakvale on August 18, 2009. Prime Minister maverick took the bill off the table when debate grew too contentious. Although he objected to it, he reintroduced it alongside the Term Limits Bill on September 1. It passed Parliament and was signed into law on September 3.

On Sept. 20, Abdul Hadi Pasha raised an objection to the Appointee Confirmation Bill in the Landsraad on the grounds that it represented an undue infringement on Presidential power. So far the objection has not been seconded or thirded, which is required to bring it to a Landsraad vote.

Text of the Bill

WHEREAS Parliament must be able to review Presidential appointees to ensure the best possible members are chosen and;

WHEREAS Parliament must possess reserve powers over the executive so that it may successfully resist increasing executive power:

ARTICLE I All members appointed by the President of to a position including but not limited to the cabinet and the military may be reviewed by Parliament.

ARTICLE II If five members of Parliament object to one of the President’s appointees, the Lower House must vote to confirm or reject the appointee. If two-thirds of the members of Parliament vote to reject the appointment of the member, the President must find a new member to fill the position. If two-thirds of the members of Parliament do not vote against the appointee, he may take up his position.

ARTICLE III The Lower House has until five days after the President announces the appointee to get five objections. If five days have passed without an appointee being objected to by five MPs, he is considered confirmed.


First Introduction

Voted Aye

Krall (BWS), Susano (FFF), Don Giorgio (FFF), Jimbrock (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), oakvale (Ind) (6)

Voted Nay

Douglas (E), maverick (E), lothaw (E), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (4)

Second Introduction

Voted Aye

Krall (BWS), Susano (FFF), Jimbrock (FFF), Don Giorgio (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), ImperialVienna (ESP), Iori (DISPPR), oakvale (Ind) (8)

Voted Nay

maverick (E), Douglas (E), Paladin (E), Communist Wizard (5), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (4)

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