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Disclaimer: Jimbrock doesn't know how to use the wiki coding very much. Help him out by arranging this page and contributing and other such encouraging rubbish.

Jimbrock is the only AH.Com member from Malta, but, apparently, not the only one who has lived there. He is seen mostly in the Before 1900 and the NPC sections, but regularly browses all of the forums.

AH.Com Politics

Jimbrock joined the Federal Federation of Federalists in the runup to the 2009 General Elections. He allegedly picked the FFF out of a list of party names at random, but must have liked the party, because he soon started campaigning insanely on lots of threads in NPC. He later took one of FFF's three seats in Parliament, despite only being a member for less that two weeks.


Jimbrock has a known fascination with Italy, since it is the country closest in culture to Malta that has AH potential. He posted a few scenarios ranging from a unification of the Lombard League in the Early Middle Ages, to a different Congress of Vienna, but eventually settled down and started wrtiting the moderately successful TL Just one stroke of a pen. This unfortunately died off when Jimbrock didn't have any time to write after summer, but the next year he launched his much more popular and currently running TL Zwein Adler, Ein Kaiser.

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