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The (Welcome and) Orientation Bill of 2009

The Orientation Bill is the spiritual descendant of the Welcoming Act that Acting President Sargon introduced to the 2007-2008 Parliament. The new bill, sponsored by Benkarnell in the 2009-2010 Parliament, contained many of the same ideas but did not incorporate the same language as the failed bill.

The bill's immediate impetus was a discussion in Parliament on civility toward n00bs on September 6, 2009. This had been prompted by the weeklong kicking of MP Krall (BWS) after a particularly scathing critique on the Map Thread. After Krall's kicking, a number of posters to that thread had expressed a certain admiration for Krall's behavior, to the dismay of some MPs.

Benkarnell introduced the bill on September 8. Douglas objected to it because “any attempt to act anything like the actual body of power on the Board is probably a fast track to Shared Worlds” by act of IAN. The bill was amended a few times before debate was cut short by Susano in the form of the Prime Ministerial Crisis of 2009. Discussion immediately turned to whether maverick needed to be chosen by Parliamentary election in order to legitimately be the Prime Minister.

Susano and maverick ultimately resolved the Crisis. The reached a backroom deal to hold a pro forma election after passing the Orientation Bill, and to calm the Parliament down they instigated a series of silly events involving clown cars, elephants, and a rocket in space that ultimately destroyed the Parliamentary Building. The bill ultimately passed with little opposition and was signed into law on September 11.

The bill mandates the creation of a Welcome and Orientation Committee, which has yet to be formed.

On Sept. 20, Abdul Hadi Pasha raised an objection to the Orientation Bill in the Landsraad on the grounds that it interfered with the actual running of AH.Com, and that welcome PMs would confuse, rather than help, new members. So far the objection has not been seconded or thirded, which is required to bring it to a Landsraad vote.

Text of the Bill

WHEREAS, is a place intended for intelligent, civil and friendly collaboration, and

WHEREAS, dialogue that is insulting, immature, abrasive, or rude undermines that spirit of collaboration, civility and friendliness, and

WHEREAS, newcomers to often bear the brunt of such behavior when it occurs, and

WHEREAS, the cultivation of positive behavior and a welcoming atmosphere, and the education of newcomers to the site, is a positive good that can be accomplished by Parliament:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED that a thread entitled “Newcomer Welcome and Orientation” be created in the “Help and Feedback” forum;

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that the President, upon signing this legislation, with the approval of Parliament, petition His Administratorness to bestow Sticky status upon the same thread;

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that Parliament appoint a Welcoming & Orientation Committee to draft an Original Post for this thread, to be approved by Parliament. The O.P. shall include a guide to board conventions and etiquette, as well as a brief guide to map and flag making. The same Committee will monitor the thread and respond to questions as needed; however, the entire AH.Com community will also be welcome and encouraged to post on the thread.

BE IT FURTHER ENACTED that Parliament will designate a person or persons to create a generic welcome Personal Message that includes a basic primer on terminology and etiquette, as well as a link to the Welcome and Orientation thread; the President shall inquire whether the Personal Message can automatically be sent to new members;

BE IT FINALLY DECLARED that the Parliament wholly and unequivocally supports an atmosphere of intelligent collaboration and camaraderie on


Voted Aye

Paladin (E), lothaw (E), maverick (E), Jimbrock (FFF), Susano (FFF), Benkarnell (ESP), Iori (DISPPR), Communist Wizard (BBP), Stalin's Pipe Organs (PRSP) (9)

Voted Nay

Douglas (E) (1)

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