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A board member hailing from the U.S., living “in Maryland, somewhere near Washington, D.C.” He joined the forum in September 20, 2014 and has been relatively unknown since then. He has one inactive TL and is active in many map games, but mainly ISOT ones. He is also active in Non-Political Chat, especially in the Ban the Person Above You threads. More recently he has appeared on the ATL Meetup threads.

Just who is this guy anyway?

If you've looked at enough clues around the forum, he is a Vietnamese-American, and the information already stated above. He has self-identified as somewhere on the left-wing.

Really, if you're only here because you can or for no reason at all, then get out of here and actually do something productive! - Nucleep himself

Also, many people state that his name is a portmanteau of “nuclear sheep” or “nuclear creep”-

NO! No no no no no! You're all wrong! It's “nuclear creeper”! Don't you start on the bestiality jokes! - Nucleep also

He also gets extremely annoyed whenever Jar Jar Binks is ever talked about in relation with him in any way or if others claim that he comes from New Jersey.



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