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The Ban Threads

The Ban Threads, also known as Ban the person above you threads, were a series of threads where people fake-banned the person that posted above them for any reason. Over time this has mutated into a sort of mini-RP community insulated inside, and has even flooded over to the Social Threads, as well as creating some new Nation Games.


Old Era

The Old Era of Ban Threads started on May 25, 2010 and petered out around December 12, 2014. The list of threads are below.

Second Era

The Second Era of Ban Threads began on June 1st, 2015 and petered out May 20, 2018. Their list is below.


Following the transfer of BTRP to the Shared Worlds forum, an RP-Free thread was created in Chat. These were briefly abolished in 2018, though restored as part of the End.

Frequent Users (2015-2018)

Bold are Ban Kings. Italics are almost universally hated as heretics.

  • Admiral A. Kolchak (Persona: Russian admiral from the civil war, widely believed to really be a sockpuppet of Al Smith NOT a sockpuppet of Al Smith, a tradition hating, copyright ignoring heretic, Running Gags (via Bochkaryov): Stop stealing my flamethrower/lasers/etc., Quote the edited post!)
  • ​Al Smith for Real (Persona: Hood and Karolus' bastard child and Hoof's twin)
  • Alternate History Geek (Running Gag: Banning using transportation systems)
  • Ankh Von Hapsburg (Persona: Successor to the Hapsburg Royal Family)
  • Aquagel8last320 (Running Gag: being completely random)
  • B-29_Bomber (Persona: B-29 bomber, sometimes poses as God; Running Gag: Insanity?)
  • Dalekiller (Running Gag: Power Rangers/Godzilla/Transformers gifs)
  • DracoLazarus (Persona: Iraeus, Emperor of the Sky Isles, 1st Ban King, Basileus of Colchis, Dragon King)
  • GamerGeek (Persona: GeekBot)
  • Glide08 (Persona: Hoof's son, Hood's grandson, naïve, cheerful and optimistic alien kidnapping victim)
  • Grayhoof85 (Persona: Hood's daughter, battleship, 7th and Last Ban Queen, pony)
  • Hood1944 (Persona: former Hood-class battleship, 4th Ban King,Flagship of Draco's Fleet, former Sith Apprentice, Archangel, Running Gag: Kinkiness, Insanity. Out-of-character, he engaged in RP even in non-RP threads, to the chagrin of Glide08.)
  • Karolus Rex ​(Persona: Sith Lord, ruler of the Imperium,3rd Ban King, Kaiser of the Pirate Empire (formerly), Running Gag: 4th Warp Sith Fuckery)
  • Loghain (Running Gag: Singing Sabaton, terrible raps)
  • Nucleep* (Persona: Nuclear Ender-Creeper, time and multiverse traveler, anarcho-communist, representative of Acatali, Running Gag: Banning for hypocrisy.)
  • MorningDew (Persona: Memester)
  • Pennsylvania (not the state)
  • PolskaCanIntoSpace (Running Gag: liking everyone's posts until he was banned for unrelated reasons)
  • RedBaron223 (Persona: Canadian Sniper and general badarse, the Red Baron, Running Gag: Making eternal alliances)
  • Roger Redux (Persona: Sith Lord, 5th Ban King; Running Gag: Pyramids, Pyramid Fetish, blue text, memes, Grammar Nazi)
  • SpanishSpy (Persona: Dick Cheney the Spanish Spy; Running Gag: “X is a Social Construct”)
  • The Director (Running gag: Gritty dankness)
  • The Great Krigare (Persona: 6th Ban King)
  • TheSpaghettiEmpire (Persona: Imposter Ban King; Running Gag: All Caps Comic Sans)… also known as the sockpuppet ​Anon_Mcpseudonym (Persona: The Jar of souls (most notably Kolchak'​s,​ although it is unclear whether this is still true), orange juice, and dirt, soundproof and terrified Hood will cum in it, Running Gag: L-lewd!)
  • TimTurner (Persona: Timmy Turner (Mistaken by Glide to be John Turner), Running Gag: “Bad Nucleep!” meme)
  • wingman (Running Gag: 'BANNED: for x')

* Nucleep abolished the position of Ban King during his tenure, was instead called the Ban General Secretary.

Side Characters

Artificial Intelligences

  • A-Capella: Controlled by Hood1944, made by DracoLazarus. Speaks bold.
  • Cée: Controlled by DracoLazarus. Speaks bold.
  • GROUP: Controlled by The Great Krigare. Very communist. According to him, a work in progress. Speaks in Times New Roman, capitals, huge, red, bold, italic, and underline.
  • IDIOT: Controlled by Karolus Rex. Stands for Integrated Device for Information and Operation Transmission. Speaks in blue.
  • IRIS: Controlled by Nucleep. Stands for Inter-Reality Intelligent Supercomputer. <Speaks like this>
  • MADI: Controlled by Nucleep via Mirror!Nucleep. Stands for Multiversal Artificial Dimensional Intelligence. <Speaks like this but in crimson>
  • NICOLE: Controlled by Roger Redux. Stands for Nacently Intelligent Cybernet and Organic Lifeform Emulator. <Speaks like this but in blue>
  • Silver: Controlled by Grayhoof85. *Speaks like this*
  • PHiL: Controlled by Glide08, and created by Siri being taken over by the Alien SIM card he installed in his phone. Not at all a helpful assistant to Glide, throughly narcissistic, and has an unstoppable desire for self-pleasure (read: sex, drugs, partying and food.) Speaks in Full-width characters.
  • eD: Controlled by Glide08. Created like PHiL, but substitute “iPad” for “iPhone”. Incredibly paranoid. }}}Speaks like this{{{

Alternate Universes

  • Flux Witch: Controlled by Nucleep. Insane and heavily magic-using. Speaks in purple and green with no punctuation nor capitals.
  • Hood II: Controlled by Hood. Claims to be 'a lot cooler' than Normal Hood. Speaks in crimson. Merged with original Hood.
  • Hood III: Controlled by Hood. Very angry. Speaks in very dark red.
  • Mirror!Nucleep: Controlled by Nucleep. Is also known as Capitalist!Nucleep. Has more of a capitalist-fascist bent than normal Nucleep. Speaks in crimson.
  • Nucleep's Lost Soul: Controlled by Nucleep. Is omniscient and omnipresent, at the cost of being unable to interact with the mortal plane in most respects. Speaks like this.
  • Red!Bomber: Controlled by B-29 Bomber. Is very Stalinist. Speaks in huge, red, and bold capitals. Took control of Bomber for a little while. Killed by normal Bomber.
  • The Great Krigare's various counterparts: A fascist one, a communist one, a capitalist one, a shy one, a female one, a medieval one, and the mirror one (killed by GROUP).
  • Mirror!Glide: “Controlled” by Glide08. A weirdo obsessed with abs and explosions.


  • [5] and [DR]: Beings that are somehow affiliated with Nucleep. Not much is known about them, except [5] is a pigman and [DR] is a hellfairy.
  • Bochkaryov: Other user of Kolchak. Speaks in Courier New.
  • Bismarck: Karolus Rex's apprentice and battleship. Destroyed by Hood.
  • Carl: Roger Redux's stupid assistant.
  • Chloe (Formally Kandi): Hood's girlfriend, and possibly AL's mother. Formally one of Roger's kinky Hookers, used to entice Hood to the dark side. Is apparently very broken
  • The_Devil: Joint sockpuppet used by various users of, mainly DracoLazarus. Usually, is Lucifier (not to be confused with Satan).
  • Dovah: Somehow related with DracoLazarus. Speaks in red.
  • Gordon Ramsay: Helps with the Cooking.
  • The Investor: Nucleep's ASB parole officer, supposed to enforce the Void Treaty. Speaks like this.
  • Inquisitors:​ Karolus Rex's Fanatic State Police.
  • Liam Neeson: Hood's assassin.
  • Maximus Powers: Mirror!Nucleep's apprentice. Speaks in orange. Is narcissistic and fascist.
  • Protégé/Prodigy/Alex: Nucleep's apprentice. Speaks in blue. Calls himself Alex although Nucleep calls him protege or prodigy. Is very pacifist, but also keeps after Nucleep.
  • Rescue Whale: Friend of Hood's, his name is quite contradictory. Nonetheless he is loved by many. Shouts “DONT WORRY, RESCUE WHALE IS HERE” when he appears.
  • St.Patrick: G3 class Battlecruiser, son of Hood. Apparently died in a massive gunfight
  • Snowy: Grayhoof's friend. Speaks in light blue.
  • Wolfie: Karolus Rex's Thunder Wolf.


Rogerball : Hoodball :

Misc. Running Gags

  • Pineapple Pizza is HERESY! And Mayo too.
  • Fool.
  • Copyrights.
  • Autobanning
  • Thandeban - the mother of all bans.
  • All the banhammers. And the occasional spamsickle.
  • Random Inquisitions.
  • Random Crusades against Roger's Pyramids.
  • Burning heretics with the Holy Flamethrower.
  • Hating on Roger's Pyramids.
  • Hood's Law: after extended periods of time in the ban thread, members find it harder to adjust to life outside the thread.
  • Multibanning.
  • B-29's massive overuse of the word 'Bitch'
  • Ban King - originally, it was the person with the highest number of posts. With the new software it automatically refers to the person who created the thread, and names a heir to make the next thread.
  • Nucleep Hates Anime.
  • Hood's drug and drinking problem.
  • Hallucinations
  • Nucleep is a nuclear sheep Nucleep is NOT a nuclear sheep.
  • Liberal use of superweapons.
  • Contracts
  • Force Ghosts.
  • No Kicks Allowed.
  • Insanity Quota - Instituted by Hood. There must be at least this much insanity (unknown how much this is) per day.
  • Following Salic Law - Karolus Rex invoked this a lot while he was the Pirate Kaiser, while also hypocritically being a revolutionary.
  • Calling Kolchak Al's sockpuppet.

Misc. Events

  • The Early Times - It was pure chaos, with many people fighting sporadically.
  • First Ban War - DracoLazarus and SpanishSpy fought over the title of Ban King, with Nucleep refereeing.
  • Second Ban War - Between DracoLazarus, Ryan, TimTurner, and Nucleep, with others popping in such as Count of Crisco and B-29_Bomber. TheSpaghettiEmpire's claim to the throne also happened during this time.
  • Third Ban War - Between DracoLazarus, Nucleep, Aquagel, and Polska, with others joining in.
  • The Great Sith Civil War - Karolus and Roger fought twice for control of the Sith Imperium. The First Duel ended with Roger dead and Karolus forced into a life support power armour. The Second Duel ended with the two dying. They later came back, using Sith Magic and clones.
  • Hood was a slave once under Hood II.
  • Black Hole Incident - Hood was thrown into a black hole by Karolus Rex. Was later fished out.
  • The Sith Contract - Hood signed the Sith Contract, without reading it, placing him under the control of the Sith Lords.
  • Karolus Rex, Hood, and Roger Redux were under the influence of drugs and thought the others were on drugs because of their different interpretations of the event. It turned out that Mirror!Nucleep had put them in a simulation.
  • The Torture, Hood's conquering of Roger's Empire, The Banning of Pyramids thereafter (at least according to Hood). Most consider that Hood was under the influence of heavy narcotics, so there is a possibility that his never happened.
  • The Cooking - Hood was cooked by Karolus, Roger and Mirror!Nucleep, with help from Gordon Ramsay. This has turned into a tradition, where all newcomers to the Ban Thread get cooked.
  • The Trial - Hood1944 was the judge, Karolus was the plantiff, Mirror!Nucleep was the defense. The case was about chocolate planets and copyright infringement. Mirror!Nucleep was sentenced to a few trillion years of harsh labor, but a slightly alternate version replaced him.
  • Ban Wars - when multiple people engage and spam posts for an extended period of time
  • Punic Wars - Lots of puns and bans don't mix.
  • Ban Royalty Crises - Often some people would claim to be the Ban King/Emperor, and the 'rightful' ban king would put them in their place. The most notable was from TheSpaghettiEmpire, although Karolus Rex also attempted such.
  • Ban Succession Crises - Sometimes the current Ban King/Emperor refuses, mostly for comedic effect, to accept his successor and will refuse him. The previous Ban Kings/Emperors may oppose/support his decision.
  • The Pyramid Treaty - Treaty negotiated between Karolus Rex and Roger Redux. Under the terms of the Treaty, Roger is required to reduce the number of his pyramids to just 40% of the total strength of his Empire. He is also forbidden from transforming the Imperial Ban Palace into a Pyramid. If the terms of the Treaty are breached, Roger shall be removed from power and he will lose all of his rights as a Free Citizen of the Banned and shall be transformed into a Servitore of the House of Karolus. Draco Lazarus shall inspect Roger's domains to make sure that the terms are being followed;
  • Stories from the Ban Thread - A initiative, currently on testing phase, where the Banners create/forge stories of their crazy adventures;
  • The Battle ​- Hood threw Sir Albert Smithe into the warp, until he decided to fight to his death. Hood used the force to disarm Albert and then killed him. Al came back to life and then choked ​Hood until Albert died of impalement.
  • After party - Hood and Karolus got extremely drunk and drugged after Hood became King. While little is known about the destruction and mayhem caused that night,due to Roger covering it up, and The fact that neither could remember very much, they somehow both ended up in a Motel in Cuba. Karolus flew out, leaving Hood behind, powerless. Eventually Hood got onto a plane but converted to a battlecruiser mid flight, destroying the plane, and killing everybody apart from Hood. He later washed up on a Shore, before stumbling off,and eventually found his way home, where he was promptly Banned;
  • The Glitches - Loghain, in a fit of wanting to get the 10000th post of Karolus' Ban Thread, decided to delete a number of posts. This broke the thread. However, Roger and Hood deleted some of their posts, to let Karolus get the 10000th post.
  • Eternal Battle: Having fought multiple times before, Hood and Karolus decided to see who was the boss. The results were inconclusive, as neither could do much damage to the other, and the fact that they were both, in a sense, immortal. They fought for the rest of eternity, until the universe disintegrated. They then finally killed each other, which created the big Bang. However, neither really died, but they did become the creators of the Second Universe. Both idiots claimed victory afterwards.
  • Hell Invasion - Nucleep, Protege/Alex, Grayhoof, Roger, Hood, Draco, and medieval!Krigare decided to infiltrate a Hell dimension to steal several Shards. Hood died but came back, and then proceeded to shrink Alex.
  • Edgelands - an ill-fated campaign into what would've been…we don't actually know, TBH.
  • The End - No further BTRP threads were to be opened after BTRP2. Hood still went roleplaying in the non-RP thread. Glide did not like this. Chaos ensued, and so did the end of the Ban Threads for the forseeable future.


  • Empire of the Sky Isles - Located somewhere in the Earth's atmosphere. Ruled by DracoLazarus.
  • Sol System - Under the protection of the Sky Isles. Earth is under joint protection of Draco and Karolus.
  • United Socialist States of Acatali - Location unknown. De facto ruled by IRIS. Nucleep is not from there, but is from Dimension MC-95275141, he only founded Acatali. According to Karolus is a shitty Commie hellhole, but Nucleep, for some reason, disagrees.
  • Shupoli Empire - Location unknown. Apparently an alliance of the most evil empires in the Multiverse. Ruled by Mirror!Nucleep.
  • Nucleep's Void Base - Located somewhere in the void between the universes. Is Nucleep's main base.
  • The Old Imperium - controlled quite a few universes. Once controlled by both Roger Redux and Karolus Rex before the Sith Civil War.
  • The Ascended Stellar Empire of the Illuminated Sith Order - controlled by Roger Redux. Source of his pyramids.
  • Sith Imperium of Man - controlled by Karolus Rex. Xenophobic totalitarian Empire, basically the Imperium of 40k but lead by people with working brains.
  • Death Star III, IV and so on - Old Imperium main fortresses.
  • Death Pyramid - Roger's multiple main fortresses.
  • Baraka, Stellar Bark - some of DracoLazarus' ships.
  • The Armageddon - Karolus'​ prototype fortress.
  • The Black Hole - A prison used by the Sith to hold the worst of the worst those that dare annoy the Sith, and Fetus Hood. Believed to be the Maw Cluster, but no evidence can link the two. Used to hold Fetus Hood, now holds Kolchak, until he was released, after the Jar fiasco).

What came after the Ban Threads?

As you might've guessed, the Ban Threads are pretty much dead. However, a spiritual successor of sorts to BTRP has emerged in the form of the ATL Meetup threads - much of the Ban Threads' regulars have become regulars there, and the character rosters of the two RPs somewhat overlaps.

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