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A timeline created by S.M. Stirling in which a British officer develops a quasi-automatic gun, misses his early death in OTL, as well as the Loyalists from the American Revolutionary War are settled in South Africa, thereby creating a racist autocratic regime that makes WW2 Germany seem trivial. It is often regarded by most AH fans/writers as a synonym for timelines that often go into the wayside of darkness and horror. Often times, the Dominion of Draka is shown either holding all of Southern Africa and/or all of Africa.

The Draka have gone down in infamy as some of the premier villains in the genre of alternate history (along with the antagonists from the assorted Nazis/Confederates win scenarios). Created by writer Stirling for his Domination series, the Draka are a race of American Loyalist-Afrikaner-Hessian-Franco-Icelandic-Confederate-Spartans who, over the course of two centuries or so, manage to conquer the world and the Solar System. Yes, really…

Extremely militaristic and extraordinarily racist, the Draka, based in our world's South Africa, enslave whole populations that they consider “inferior” (which, by the time of their world's WWII–the Eurasian War– is everyone). The stories are also notorious for the Draka managing to inflict every atrocity imaginable in their conquered territories and getting ignored by the civilized world, and for the rest of the Great Powers not taking them seriously until an alliance of the world's democracies finally forms to counter them after the Eurasian War. remakes

On, the Draka have spawned numerous fanfics, ASB-oriented scenarios, and multiple attempts to produce a more “realistic” Draka timeline. One such realistic revision was Straha's Draka Timeline. Another was Some Bloke's short-lived attempt, called Draka Redux.

Jared has posted on several occasions within discussions about Decades of Darkness that this novel series was his inspiration, albeit with a more realistic tone, although the exact post nor words cannot be provided at this time. discussions on the series

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