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Racism is the belief that the genetic proof that humans do not consist of separate races based on physical and genetic differences but rather consist of one human race has been tampered with by Jews/blacks/Latinos/Asians/natives/Indians/Arabs/lesbians. Racists tend to sort the truthfully separate races into a hierarchy based on each race's general characteristics and how these reflect the respect they deserve by their general capabilities for achievement. This belief is currently largely confined to white people (who as the beneficents of Europe's conquest of the world can afford to think of themselves as better than anyone else) who can't afford an education. Historically, racism has cropped up in such events as the enslavement of millions of black Africans and their transportation to the Americas; the Nazi conquest of eastern Europe and the murder of millions of Jews and Roma (more racistly known as Gyspies); and Apartheid South Africa; and was personified by the fat, white, firehose- and attack dog-wielding sherriff's deputies faced by the desegregation movement in the 1950s and 1960s American south.

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