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Democracy is a political system considered to be the peak of human achievement in politics; traditionally it is the benchmark against which all other political systems are compared. Insomuch as it is a system which allows for debate between many different political voices, its precise definition and history are as highly debateable as the effectiveness of the current government of a given democratic country. In practice, democracies are ruled by a political body of a given size; these bodies are the playground of politicians, a strange subset of humans who combine the attributes of a news anchor with those of a used car salesman; these politicans seek to coerce support from the public at given times; this support is then expected to translate into a sufficient number of votes to justify a given politican's prescence in the leading political body. This period of time is called 'election time'. In modern democracies, those governed by the leading political body are entitled to one vote for the politican by whom they allow themselves to be coerced; the politicians with the most votes go on to decide the laws of the country. In practice, politicians are the only ones who really consider democracy the pinnacle of human civilisation; citisens of democratic countries are fairly indifferent, while those of nondemocratic countries are usually too busy trying to survive famine, rampant disease, government repression, and war to think about it.

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