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Nice and Savoy are Italian, I’m pretty sure that it was mentioned in the Neuordnung chapter which details the Treaty of Versailles. Sorry but I have practically no abilities in drawing a map.
so who owns Corsica because in the last chapter the island is mentioned as an Italian gain yet before you said it was still French so I'm a little confused 🤔
probably high! since the French state is prepared to do anything to maintain its empire, which allows a "certain independence" of Germania, then French Africa is likely to be very bleak for its inhabitants
I think South African-esque Apartheid is more likely than outright genocide.
Corsica belongs to Italy, when did I mention it as French?
for a map correction I don't know exactly which page
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Who did he marry with instead ITTL? Maybe Princess Ingrid of Sweden?
I admit that royal marriages are not my specialty, although that will be mentioned in a future British chapter. For now you are all free to speculate (since for some reason people just love to gossip about the marriage choices of celebrities).
it's betting time who will win yukov or the republic betting now.

I'm obviously for yukov HOURRAAAAAA!!!!!