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Yeah I know this isn't the Indian chapter (at this point you could make a meme about when this one will come out) but I had the sudden masculine urge to write about American politics at midnight and spent the last 2 and a half hours writing this.
They chose Prime Misters every year cuz you never chose and this is in-universe justification or is it the reverse?
No, I mean they literally kept changing the Greek leadership all the time during the occupation so I can't really pick one to be Prime Minister as of 1959 because the Greek Government in our world kept being replaced by the Axis occupiers. It is not really relevant for now unless there is a Greek uprising later anyways.
Huey: The Kingfish (enough said).

Hoffa: Loudmouth corrupt union boss.

Sid: Hillbilly farmer guy who likes Blacks just to stay relevant.

LBJ: Rude bully cowboy who can't win a crowd to save his life.

Russell: Huey Junior, the Taxman.

Wallace: Racist Hillbilly who likes guns.

Smith: The priest whose sermon is only either Matthew 10:34, Matthew 21:12-13, Joshua or Apocalypse.
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I see Hoff and Sid uniting the Midwest and South together since they represent Labor Unions, Moderates, Farmers, Civil Rights and ahem 'Small Businessmen'. You need this kind of coalition to reach out across the country.