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  1. Kaiser of Brazil

    The Iron Eagle III - Fallen Eagle
    Threadmarks: I - A SICK NATION

    THE IRON EAGLE FALLEN EAGLE A SICK NATION "I am sorry, sir... I know that is not an easy news to receive, if you need a moment before I continue..." The doctor trailed off as if expecting the patient to interrupt him, but the old man before his eyes just seemed too shocked to...
  2. Kaiser of Brazil

    The Iron Eagle II - Days of Strife
    Threadmarks: INTRODUCTION

    THE IRON EAGLE DAYS OF STRIFE DEATH IN RIGA The clock had reached midnight, and yet he was still there in his office, seated and working his eyes through page after page of reports and documents which require his attention. Alfred was not in a rush to go back to sleep, because he...
  3. Kaiser of Brazil

    The Iron Eagle - The History of the Cold War

    THE IRON EAGLE INTRODUCTION DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse in any form the crimes and atrocities committed by the criminal regime of the Third Reich, this scenario has been made with the intent of exploring the possibility of a highly improbable success of the German military campaigns in WWII...