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  1. Texas Bulldog

    What Now? - The Question that Defined A Generation
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    At long last. It is finally over. The year is 1992. It has been 45 years since the Nazi banner flew over the Kremlin. From Narvik to Trieste, from the Pyrenees to the Urals, Europe is free. In France, Poland, and Ukraine, partisans lay down their arms. Jubilation overflows the streets. In the...
  2. Kaiser of Brazil

    The Iron Eagle III - Fallen Eagle
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    THE IRON EAGLE FALLEN EAGLE A SICK NATION "I am sorry, sir... I know that is not an easy news to receive, if you need a moment before I continue..." The doctor trailed off as if expecting the patient to interrupt him, but the old man before his eyes just seemed too shocked to...
  3. Flavius Iulius Maiorianus

    AHC/WI: "De-Hitlerize" a victorious Nazi Germany

    Generally, when discussing the aftermath of an Axis victory, there are three ideas that are generally thrown around: Nazi Germany achieves total domination over all of Europe, executes Generalplan Ost, and becomes more and more indoctrinated, ideological, and generally bizzare and evil, and...
  4. AltoRegnant

    The World Struggle: A Nazi Cold War Story
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    July, 1944. We finally made it home to Boston. God, 3 years away… Everything looks different, even if it’s the exact same. My old Superman comics, are right where I left them. Always wanted to be like big blue, guess I am now. We ran into Betty. Haven’t thought about her, what, since Taipei...
  5. Kaiser of Brazil

    The Iron Eagle II - Days of Strife
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    THE IRON EAGLE DAYS OF STRIFE DEATH IN RIGA The clock had reached midnight, and yet he was still there in his office, seated and working his eyes through page after page of reports and documents which require his attention. Alfred was not in a rush to go back to sleep, because he...
  6. RiverDelta

    A Sudeten War Leading to a Nazi Germany Subservient to the West?

    How close can we get to a war over the Sudetenland between Germany and the West leading to a quick defeat, a martyred Hitler, a pragmatic Fuhrer Goering, and a Nazi Germany forced to abandon expansionism and become an anti-Communist buffer against the USSR potentially in a Cold War? Obviously...
  7. The Plausibility and Impact of Führer Goebbels

    I've been ruminating over this question for a long time because it simply fascinates me in spite of the sludge of Nazi threads. That question being the title of this post- the validity and plausibility of Führer Joseph Goebbels. To sum it up, the ideology of Joseph Goebbels was, from what I...
  8. Kaiser of Brazil

    The Iron Eagle - The History of the Cold War

    THE IRON EAGLE INTRODUCTION DISCLAIMER: I do not endorse in any form the crimes and atrocities committed by the criminal regime of the Third Reich, this scenario has been made with the intent of exploring the possibility of a highly improbable success of the German military campaigns in WWII...
  9. the Imperium of Canada

    American Politics in a Nazi Cold War Scenario

    So let's go with a Fatherland/AANW/Thousand Week Reich esque semi-plausible(ish) scenario where the Axis Powers more or less win in Europe, Germany somehow conquers all of Russia up to the urals, and the Western Allies prove unwilling to bear the cost of continuing the war, with peace being made...
  10. Nazi v US Cold War: Larger strategic focus towards a conventional WW3?

    Hi all, For the last year or so, I’ve been worldbuilding and planning to write a series of vignettes and a larger (novel-sized) book set in an alternate 1980’s in the midst of a Cold War between the US and Nazi Germany. Look for stories to start coming out in the future set in Der Kalterkrieg...
  11. What Goes Up Must Come Down: A Third Reich Cold War TL
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    June 10, 1990 Prachtallee, Welthauptstadt Germania, German Reich 30 year old Ernst Gellman was a man of two minds: one seeking to serve the Reich, the other seeking its end. His teacher, his Hitler Youth commander, his parents, his training adviser, all told him that if he fought for the...
  12. TheReformer

    Paralyzed in Darkness: A Very Different Cold War (TL)
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    The Reichstag - Seat of German Government - and the Volkshall, Berlin (1988) Paralyzed in Darkness: A Very Different Cold War "The vision of our first Fuhrer guided our future, our second secured it, our third defined our place in the world. Now we must decide what as a people we wish to...