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It's always good times when you have to draw 2,000 constituencies. How do you have the patience for that?
I could be wrong but at first glance I think it's mostly/entirely the RL townships of OTL New England, the Maritimes, and Long Island.

That being said, I wanna know how @Kanan has the patience to make the Parliamentary constituencies for not just the national elections, but virtually all the provinces to date!

All hail Green Adirondack!

I am in love with that Greens logo.
Nice box! Questions: What is the high speed rail called (In place of Acela), and where does it travel? And is the system larger than it is IOTL or is it pretty much as is today?
My ideas for Named Services for New England:

Nation Builder: Boston to Oswego (Already done)
Long Island Service
Vermonter: New Haven to St. Albans
Sound Service: New Haven to Long Island over the Confederation Bridge
Webster Express: Brooklyn to Halifax via New Haven, New London, Providence, Boston, Portland, and St. John. This would be the equivalent of Amtrak's Acela.
Airline: Danbury to Boston (Diagonal across CT)

Hope you like them!
Will we get a better ending to Game of Thrones in this timeline?

But in all seriousness, what are the biggest tv shows, movies and cultural fads in this world?
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