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Holy shit. That's a lot of effort you put into that map. Well done.

Thank you!!

Why is it that labor doesnt want to give Hong Kong access to parliament despite supporting it for a large number of other places?

Mostly for the reasons outlined below your post. There is also a fear that Hong Kong wouldn't vote for Labour in general, and instead vote for the Liberals or even the Conservatives, so it's pretty steeped in partisanship.

So a weakened Labour government. What does this mean for the Commonwealth as a whole? Slower devolution of responsibility from the big states?

If at all, really. There's still a strong pro-Commonwealth bloc in the UK, and with other big governments in the Commonwealth unwilling to budge... it seems unlikely.

Did you mean unexpected?

Nope! Labour winning so much in the North East and London is unprecedented. The Liberals got hammered in London and saw big losses in the North East.

Is it me or am I counting 10 Green seats on the map?

There are indeed only 9, I had to double check it several times.

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Holy crap the Chinese were much more active in the fight than I thought. How exactly did the Ceasefire come about and how likely is it to hold?


1. What is the history of Irish immigration to New England?
2. What did Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson do ITTL?
Alright, 1 question. I thought that the House of Commons was a hemicycle, like most New England layouts IOTL. Or was this retconed later on?



After some careful thought and consideration, I've decided to formally open a thread here in the Graphics forum dedicated to Our Fair Country, which I had started over in the pre-1900 forum.

The premise behind this is pretty simple; I'm going to use this as a place to post the various maps, wikipages, wikiboxes (maybe a few), and graphics that I have for the Our Fair Country universe instead of spreading them out among the numerous threads already here.

Much like the excellent Hail, Britannia series by @LeinadB93, I am using this as a place to both store and bring together all of the content I have for this series. I also truly hope that this can be a place where people can both ask questions about the universe itself and contribute. I figured this would not be a "Shared Worlds" because I would like to retain complete control over the direction of the universe. I have a basic idea of the rest of the world, but am always open to having someone who has an interest in it (e.g. European, South America, Asian, African affairs) pitch in to help me build this universe.

The basic premise behind Our Fair Country is that New England developed slightly differently during the colonial period, and a slightly different British response (and American actions) during the American Revolution swung a small fraction of the "Undecided" colonists towards the side of the Loyalists, giving them the upper hand in the debate and ultimately keeping New England within the British Empire. All else flows from these slightly divergences and the world, as we know it, is a far different place.

I've already created quite a few installments in this series, which are linked below. All future installments will take place here and marked with a theadmark. Most of the new updates for the series will go here, and only very large things (a large wikipedia article for a general election, or a large map) will I post in the appropriate thread.

Anything not linked below or in a threadmark is not canon. There are a few things floated around that I've previously done that I either cannot find or am axing for this series moving forward.

Wikipedia Articles
New England General Election, 2016
Flag of New England

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Do you have a blank version of the map from the opening post? Like, without borders?
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