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Well, I am pretty sure I had not seen this day coming for quite some time, but here we are!

I've come to this decision after much thought and debate, and also with consultation of the folks who have assisted me along the way, that Our Fair Country is formally going to be coming to an end. I am sure many have noticed the sharp and complete drop-off of activity and updates recently, and much of this has been due to a reassessment of my plans for the timeline, and earlier conflicting lore problems. I have decided, instead of a massive retcon that would make the earlier one in 2019 seem pretty minor in comparison, that I will be sunsetting this timeline, and beginning a new one with a similar divergence point, but taking a far different approach to alternate history.

And so, it comes to this announcement that I am happy to announce the name of my new timeline, Ship of State, which will work in a more chronological manner. For Our Fair Country, I am remiss to say I did not plot out the exact sequence of events to bring us to the present-day, which is something I am remeding for Ship of State. The lore will be deeper and more richly explored, and many area of the world will be delved into deeper and a more well-balanced and researched manner. This change, of course, might not please everyone, and Our Fair Country might still get an update from time to time, but it will no longer be my main focus.

This being said, all future public updates on Ship of State can be found on the Our Fair Community Discord where I maintain a project channel there to discuss relevant areas of research and lore development, along with general question and answers about the timeline! I'd like to seriously thank everyone who has read along and contributed to Our Fair Country, and I hope to see everyone as I delve into my next project!

As a means of introducing everyone here to the new timeline, here is a snippet of what is to come from this project:

It’s a shame to see such an incredible timeline come to a de jure end, but I can’t think of a better way to end it than to start what is already looking up to be another fantastic, if not better, timeline!

Either way, I’ve adored reading through this amazing world you built that I really think has pushed the boundaries of what alternate history can be. You managed to strike a perfect harmony between familiarity and cohesion that I’ve never really seen replicated just as well, you filled every caveat of this timeline with amazing detail, you subverted numerous cliches to create something completely original, and it all came with some of the most comprehensive and pleasing graphics on to boot. Just... wow. I can guarantee you that this TL will be well-remembered and enjoyed years from now and has already proven itself to be one of the most influential TLs on this entire site (I’m sure you’ve noticed all the graphics TLs that cite your work as inspiration!).

Thank you so much for creating Our Fair Country and I can’t wait to see what you have in store next with Ship of State. :extremelyhappy:
Well, I certainly enjoyed this timeline a great deal, and look forward to seeing what future work you produce.

I shall happily keep my January 2019 Our Fair Country world map hanging on the wall.
Ive already known about this for about a week or so due to my SECRET INSIDER DISCORD KNOWLEDGE but I also wanna say that OFC has truly expanded my expectations of how in depth a timeline can go and how in depth it can be presented. I think alot of us can relate to being inspired by your incredible wikiboxes and graphics and trying... and failing to imitate them. I think its Fair To say that OFC is the best alternate History timeline ever presented on the internet and that I am incredibly happy to have been able to observe it for the past 2½ years. Truly, thank you Ashley. And your map will hang on my wall for some time... possibly could be joined by another in the future.
I'm a passionate Yankee, so I was always going to love this TL - but it exceeded every expectation I had. Your depth of worldbuilding, fantastic graphics, and amazing commitment make it amazing. Best of luck with your next project - I'll definitely read it!
I discovered this TL just over a week ago and have spent most of those in late night reading sessions going through this truly magnificent piece of multimedia storytelling. The depth of worldbuilding here is something I've seen nowhere else on this site. Bravo.
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Late to the party with this response, but thank you for all of the work you've put into this timeline over the past few years. As a New Englander it was nice to see a really well-fleshed alternate history scenario centered around my region.
I know that the Connecticut provincial election was about 2 years ago but what was the result? Also what about the other provincial elections?
I was thrown by Kanan's changed username, but I then I was HOLY S**T NEW CONTENT!!!

However, I am aware that the TL is slowly being brought to an end, which makes me sad. But the new forthcoming TL fills me with hope!
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