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  1. Wings

    A Yellow Lys on Azure Main
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    Today I should feel relieved to come back to my home soil after fighting so long for it. Instead I only feel guilt and regret about killing for British interests and hegemony. We must lead our country towards its own path if we do not want to lead a century of British domination over us. -...
  2. Planita13

    A More Imperfect Union: A History of these United States
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    Greetings! This timeline is the spiritual successor to A Shining Valley, which you may have seen posted on the forum before. As it was my first timeline, it was messy and crude as it experience significant revision over the months, which honestly ruined the narrative in many ways. For the past...
  3. Goweegie2

    Desire the Right: the world of Patagonia
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    It is finally time for me to start my not-so-long-teased new TL (which I teased a lot more in the Our Fair Country Discord server, and is actually just a reboot of an earler TL I did)! Presenting, Patagonia 2.0! This will function similarly to many excellent TLs such as Our Fair Country, A...
  4. Višeslav

    The Colossus Of The New World - a worldbuilding project
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    The Colossus of the New World A Collaborative Graphics TL "When we get a good quote to open the TL It will go here, for all to see. For now this spot waits, filled with empty words. It yearns for its moment. Its time to shine. It's gonna be waiting for a while though. Did I trick you into...
  5. Die Alte Welt Hat Überlebt- A Central Powers Victory Collaborative Timeline
    Threadmarks: Introduction, King of Ireland

    So I really wanted to do a timeline involving a victorious Central Powers in WWI, as well as a graphic TL. Eventually, I figured out I’d just do both, but didn’t have the time, knowledge, and bandwidth to execute it myself. So I decided this could be a collaborative timeline, in which everybody...
  6. Goweegie2

    A Post-Valkist World - Führerreich to the Present Day
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    This thread is going to be a collection of maps, infoboxes (mostly infoboxes), and other graphics from a disorganized continuation of the Führerreich timeline I'm doing. This will work in the same way to @Kanan's excellent timeline on this forum, as well as @Planita13's equally excellent...
  7. KaiserEmu

    Of Droughts And Flooding Rains
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    I love a sunburnt country, A land of sweeping plains, Of ragged mountain ranges, Of droughts and flooding rains; I love her far horizons, I love her jewel-sea, Her beauty and her terror— The wide brown land for me! An opal-hearted country, A wilful, lavish land— All you who have not loved her...
  8. A Loyal City on the Hill - The Commonwealth Wank

    So for those of you who were around before I left the board, I had a TL called the Commonwealth Wank. I've been asked to revive it or start it over now that I'm back, and I've been thinking about it more and more. So, with a bit of inspiration from @Kanan, I am pleased to announce that I have...
  9. CosmicAsh

    Our Fair Country: The Commonwealth of New England
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    After some careful thought and consideration, I've decided to formally open a thread here in the Graphics forum dedicated to Our Fair Country, which I had started over in the pre-1900 forum. The premise behind this is pretty simple; I'm going to use this as a place to post the various maps...